Pairs League R2

Pairs League – Round 2

Sunday 9th May

It was decided to give Middle Pound  try out as it could not have been any worse than the Stock Pond.  However, it turned out to be an even harder with anglers struggling to get a bite with only Mark Gratton on end peg 1 managing to find a few redfins on the punch.

It was a carp in the last five minutes that catapultred Tony Hillas into second spot on the Lake, and this with partner Matt Sampsons 1lb 3ozs of redfins for third from Middle Pound was enough to secure the win for the Brendon Arms All Stars.  Simon allen won the lake with 10lbs of silvers, that extra point was enough to see Me and My Boy hang onto second place by 1/2 a point from the Bude Bay Pirates due to Dave Allen tying with Ady Larkins for the final spot in the Middle Pound.

Evening pairs matches are up next!

Team Angler 1(Lake) Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 (Middle Pound) Weight 2 Peg
1 Brendon All Stars T Hillas 9lb 1oz 64 M Sampson 1lb 3oz 5
2 Me and My Boy S Allen 10lbs 5oz 55 D Allen 2oz 1
3 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 1lb 14oz 68 M Gratton 4lb 10oz 2
=4 Lynstone Lads J Crystal 7lb 7ozs 53 S Whitehouse 4oz 4
=4 Tiscott Boys T Johns 3lbs 7ozs 66 P Braund 1lb 13oz 3
6 Lager Louts K Hill 3lb 15oz 51 A Larkins 2oz 6

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 Me and My Boy (2) 10.5
2 Brendon All Stars (2) 10
=3 Lager Louts (2) 6.5
=3 Bude Bay Pirates (2) 6.5
5 Tiscott Boys (2) 5
6 Lynstone Lads (2) 3.5
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Brendon Arms Knockout Draws

Brendon Arms 2021 Knockout Draws

The draws were made at the Southfield Arms, 18:00 on Friday 1st May.  Drawing the home team/angler was Bude renowned runner/cyclist Simon Willshire, and the away team/angler by local cricketing/golfing  legend Nick Wilce.  Adjudicating were Match Secretary Simon Allen and Chairman Paul Braund.  Social distancing guidelines were adhered throught and no animals were harmed during the draw.

Brendon Arms Pairs Knockout -

R1 (A) Byes  -                                                   R2 (A)  Me and My Boy v Lynstone Lads

R1  (B) Bude Bay Pirates v Lager Louts           R2 (B) Winner B v Winner C

R1 (C) Brendon All Stars v Tiscott Boys

Final Winner R2 (A) v Winner R2  (B)


Brendon Arms Individual Knockout –

R1 Byes Dick Turner and Dave Allen            R2 Dick Turner v Dave Allen

R1 Byes Paul Braund and Tony Johns          R2 Paul Braund v Tony Johns

R1A Len Hancock v Steve Whitehouse         R2 Winner R1A v Winner R1 B

R1B Tony Hillas v Matt Sampson                   R2 Winner R1C v Winner R1D

R1C Ady Larkins v Jack Crystal


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Pairs League R1

Pairs League – Round 1

Sunday 25th April

The 21/22 season got off to a mixed start with the cafe bank of the lake and southern end of the pond fishing ok, but a real struggle to find fish if you were pegged elsewhere.

The competition itself finished in a tie with Simon Allen winninning the lake (2 carp for 17lbs and 5lbs of silvers) and Ady Larkins the pond (7lbs 13ozs of silvers) for ‘Me and My Lad’ and the ‘Larger Louts’ repectively.  Dave Allen needed just 8ozs to beat two other anglers in the pond whilst Kevin did at least require a respectable 4lbs 10zs to finish 4th on the lake to ensure a shared victory.

Was it luck of the draw, perhaps the weather or was everone carp maze when clearly they were not that interested?  Adrian ‘Sailor’ Hill tried more set ups than he does on an average days pollock fishing, and believe me, thats a lot! (I you told it was too soon to put the 1mm bread puch away!).

Hopefully a bit of warmth will see things improve.

Team Angler 1(Lake) Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 (Pond) Weight 2 Peg
=1 Me and My Boy S Allen 22lb 4ozs 64 D Allen 8oz 5
=1 Lager Louts K Hill 4lbs 10oz 55 A Larkins 7lb 13oz 1
3 Brendon Arms All Stars Tony Hilas 7lb 6oz 68 M Sampson 7lb 2oz 2
=4 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 14 ozs 53 M Gratton 3lb 2oz 4
=4 Tiscott Boys P Braund 16lbs 3ozs 66 T Johns 1oz 3
6 Lynstone Lads S Whitehouse 13oz 51 J Crystal 2oz 6

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 Me and My Boy (1) 5.5
2 Lager Louts (1) 5.5
3 Brendon All Stars (1) 4
4 Tiscott Boys (1) 2.5
5 Bude Bay Pirates (1) 2.5
6 Lynstone Lads (1) 1
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Winter League R3

Jan Pethic and Johnny Coney Memorial Trophy,  Sunday 4th April:

Total Weight Anglers Ave Weight
2021: 141lbs 4ozs    (95lbs 12ozs)* 19 7lbs 4ozs          (5lbs)*
2020: 27lbs 3ozs 13 2lb 1oz
*Less Carp

Angling resumed after ‘Lockdown 3′ on a bright sunny day with a chilly north easterly wind.  Afer drawing peg 12 it was no surprise that Matt Sampson brought four carp to the net (16.6, 14.4, 8.2 and 6.12) for a winning 45lbs 8ozs.  Matt tip fished fished a ‘wafter’ using an inline feeder.  Simon Allen fished themore  traditional long pole and found the larger skimmers off unfancied peg 29 to take second with 16lbs.  Adrian Hill also had a double figure bag of silvers from peg 34 for third place.

There were section wins for Dave Allen (Second Basin 7lb 13ozs) and Steve Whitehouse (Lower Basin 9lbs 7ozs), both bagging the silvers.

Thus ends a very disrupted season.  We kick off next season with the Pairs on the 25th April, hopefully we will get all of the fixtures completed this time.

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Pts
1 Matt Sampson 45lbs 8oz 12 20
2 Simon Allen 16lbs 13oz 29 19
3 Adrian Hill 11lbs 13oz 34 18
4 Steve Whitehouse 9lbs 7oz 16 17
5 Jack Crystal 9lbs 2oz 14 16
6 Dave Allen 7lbs 13oz 35 15
7 Dick Turner 6lb 11oz 20 13.5
7 Paul Braund 6lb 11oz 19 13.5
9 Mark Gratton 6lbs 10oz 17 12
=10 Andy Southey 5lbs 3ozs 15 11
=10 Rob Fuller 4lbs 5ozs 13 10
12 Tony Hillas 3lbs 13oz 32 9
13 Kevin Hill 3lbs 3oz 18 8
14 Ady Larkins 2lbs 7oz 28 7
15 Tony Johns - 11ozs 13 6
16 Len Hancock - 4ozs 26 4.5
17 Wayne Burnard - 4ozs 33 4.5
18 Steve Maynard - - 27 1
19 Geoff Wakefield - - 30 1
Winter League 2020-21
Pos: Angler No. Matches Pts
1 Simon Allen 3 52
2 Mark Gratton 3 36
4 Tony Johns 3 32
3 Adrian Hill 3 33
5 Matt Sampson 3 31
=6 Dick Turner 2 29.5
=6 Paul Braund 3 29.5
8 Tony Hillas 3 29
=9 Ady Larkins 3 27
=9 Dave Allen 3 27
=9 Jack Crystal 3 27
=9 Steve Whitehouse 3 27
13 Len Hancock 3 18.5
14 Steve Maynard 2 16
15 Andy Southey 2 12
16 Rob Fuller 1 10
=17 Kevin Hill 1 8
=17 Geoff Wakefield 3 8
19 Wayne Burnard 1 4.5
=20 Mike Bowden 1 1
=20 Brian Powel 1 1
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Members Update 11th March

Thursday, March 11th 2021

Dear Member,

I am sure I do not need to remind you that we have been through an extraordinary year!  Whilst we have understandably not been able to fish throughout, I hope you will agree that the Officers and Committee have done their best to communicate with you and maximise our opportunities to fish safely under the changing covid regulations.  Under section 5h of the Rules and Regulations of BCAA, the Senior Offices of the Association will continue to take action and an update you as the covid regulations are reviewed and hopefully lifted.

Our longstanding treasurer Derek Foster has decided to stand down from the post as of the 1st May. The role is often unsung and a thankless task, but Derek has carried it out with a smile and dare I say ‘military’ precision. I am sure you will join me in thanking Derek for his sterling and meticulous work that has placed the Association in a secure financial position.  I have agreed to ‘cover’ the post of Treasurer from 1st May until the AGM (more of which below).  I have also expressed my wish to stand down as Chair but would be happy to take up the vacant treasurer role if we receive no nominations and the membership are content to vote me in.  As such, if there is anyone interested in standing for the officer posts of Treasurer or Chairman, please do get it touch (I can’t do both!).

As things stand (11th March 2021) we will hopefully enact the following schedule agreed at the BCAA Committee on the 8th March:


We are planning to hold the AGM as soon as possible following the expected lifting of covid regulations on the 21st June.  Members will be sent a formal notice of the AGM no less than three weeks before the arranged date.

Presentation Evening

For the second year running it will not be possible to hold a presentation event in the normal May slot. With uncertainty as to the lifting of covid regulations the Committee are investigating the possibility of combining a presentation event with the annual Fur and Feather in December.  Further details will be announced as soon as we are able to commit to dates.

Membership Renewal 2021-22

You have until 31st May to renew your membership which will run from 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022.  Membership will be as follows:

Full Senior                                       £40

Full Senior OaP                           £20

Full Associate                                £30

Full Associate OaP                    £20

Junior                                                  £15

You can pay via any of the following (NB: Steve our Membership Secretary, will not accept any personal payments direct to his door, please respect this)

1.            Cheque made payable to ‘Bude Canal AA’ and posted to:

Mr S Brown

Membership Secretary

3 Bede Haven Close

Bude Cornwall

EX23 8QF

2.            By online bank transfer, or via Post Office Counters, or via TSB Bank counter Bude to the following account:

Account Name:            Bude Canal Angling Association

Sort Code:                       77 09 09

Account Number:        21197060

Reference:                      Your initial, Surname and ‘subs’

(i.e.  JR Hartley subs)

Anyone not renewing by the 31st May will have to re-apply for membership.

NB Places will be offered to those waiting for membership as of 1st June and it is therefore unlikely there will be any places available for 2021-22, so please renew asap to avoid disappointment.


The expectation is that competition angling will be able to resume after the 29th March.  The Match Secretary will draft a 2021-22 fixture list shortly which will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.

I sincerely hope we will be back to normal by the end of the summer.  I will send an update as soon as we are in a position to agree an AGM date.  Please take care and stay safe.

Paul Braund

Chairman BCAA

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Covid Update – Jan 7th

Wednesday, January 7th 2021

Dear Member,

Under section 5h of the Rules and Regulations of BCAA, the Senior Offices of the Association continue to take action and an update is given below:

Government U-Turn on Fishery Closures during Lockdown 3

The Government has updated its position with regard to fishing this afternoon (7th January 2021).  From 0700 Saturday 9th January 2021 BCAA will be re-opening all its waters to locally based season ticket holders and local day ticket anglers. The regulations have made it clear this is limited to your local fishery and anglers should abide by the Government national lockdown restrictions.

Members please note:

Fishing is only permitted from dawn until dusk: No night fishing

  • Day ticket availability may be limited if necessary in order to control numbers
  • Local has been defined as staying within your village, town or the part of a city where you live. Please follow this guidance and do not travel to BCAA waters if they are not local to where you live.
  • Anglers to be within arms reach of their rods at all times.
  • Anglers to carry their BCAA ID Card/ Day Ticket and EA Rod Licence with them when fishing.
  • No umbrellas, bivvies’ or shelters of any description to be erected at any time on the Main Canal, for clarity the Main Canal is defined as being from the Sea Lock to A39 Road Bridge.
  • No Fishing within 15 metres of another angler.
  • When fishing the Lower Basin or narrow sections of the canal please avoid placing your rod bag/keepnet bag, etc immediately behind you, place them to the side and maximise space for towpath users to pass.

The Angling Trust has produced guidance which can be accessed on their website This guidance must be adhered to at all time, in short:

This is a strictly limited resumption of LOCAL fishing and very different to how we have been allowed to operate since May.

We are in a National Lockdown and this must be respected. The law requires a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home or penalties will apply. The government has recognised that fishing can be seen as exercise, which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor recreation is not.

Organised sporting gatherings are prohibited so no match fishing.

To remain within the law you should follow the government’s guidance, and only fish locally, once a day, within the district where you live between dawn and dusk.

This relaxation of the ‘no fishing’ regulation was achieved through the successful lobbying of the Angling Trust of which BCAA has ‘club membership’.

Please stay safe, stay local and take care.

Paul Braund

Chairman BCAA

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