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Chairs Trophy 2017 - Upper Tamar

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sunday 10th September - Chairs Trophy 2017

Held on the Cornish Bank of Upper Tamar three teams of five captained respectively by the Match Secretary Simon Allen, Chairman Paul Braund and Angling Celebrity Nathan Underwood contested the annual Chairs Trophy.  Whilst the anticipated big bags of roach did not materialize over half the anglers did make double figure bags on a blustery day.

Nathan Underwood played a captains innings and bagged a succession of skimmers on the 11 meter pole for a 38lb winning bag.  Simon Allen was also leading by example and notched up 23lbs of roach on the short pole to win his section and finish second.  Third place went to Matt Sampson who bagged 20lbs of roach on the peg next to Simon (delivering a section win by default to Dave Allen).

Fine section wins by Mike Bowden and Paul Drissell with second in sections for Pete Slade and Tony Johns, easily gave the Match Secretary's Team victory by a margin of 4 points to regain the Chairs Trophy from the Chairman.  Paul Braund picked up the final section win with a 15lb bag of skimmers taken on the feeder.


Nathan Underwood 38lbs
Nathan's 38lb Skimmer Haul


Si Allen 23lbs
Si Allens 23lbs Roach Bonanza


Paul Drissell 18lbs
Driss with 18lbs of Silvers for Section


Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Pts  
1 Nathan Underwood 38lbs 1oz 3 3
2 Simon Allen 23lbs 3oz 14 3
3 Matt Sampson 20lbs 12oz 13 2
4 Paul Drissell 18lbs 7oz 4 3
5 Paul Braund 14lbs 12oz 7 3
6 Pete Slade 13lbs 15ozs 1 2
7 Simon Hockaday 12lbs 14oz 5 2
8 Dave Allen 11lbs 12oz 15 1
9 Tony Hillias 9lbs   2 1
10 Tony Johns 6lbs 14oz 8 2
11 SteveWhitehouse 6lbs 11oz 6 1
12 Mike Bowden 6lbs 6ozs 12 3
13 Douggie Ginini 6lbs 5oz 11 2
14 Kevin Hill 4lbs 7oz 9 1
15 Jean Bowden 1lbs 12oz 10 1
Team  A Match Secretary       13
Team B Chairman       8
Team C Nathan       9