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Club Rules

General Rules

  1. Association membership is not transferable.
  2. Rules cover the Canal, Whalesborough Lake and Hele Bridge Stock Pond( the latter being a members only water).
  3. No litter whatsoever must be deposited in the precinct of the canal . Any person found leaving litter will be prohibited from fishing Association waters.
  4. Members must respect the rights of property owners; they must leave no line, hooks and shot or make excessive noise or nuisance on Association waters. They must close latch gates they pass through, and they must not leave cars obstructing gateways or entrances.
  5. Members are asked to avoid causing harm to wildlife on the canal, particularly any contact with swans. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
  6. Members are asked to be courteous to all canal users; officers will deal with any complaint of discourteous behaviour by a member.
  7. All fish to be handled with care and returned to the water alive. Any member deliberately killing fish, including eels and game fish, will be expelled from the Association.
  8. No carp over 2lb to be kept in keep nets or carp sacks.
    (a) When fishing for carp, unhooking mats to be carried and used at all times.
    (b) The use of bait boats on Association waters are banned.
  9. Keep nets used on Association waters must be knotless minnow mesh or smaller, and have minimum dimensions of 8ft x18″.(please note keepnets outside of competition or for fish transferral purposes are banned in the Hele Bridge Stock Pond).
  10. No fish may be removed from Association waters without consent of officers.
  11. All members to carry a landing net and disgourger at all times when fishing.
  12. A maximum of Two rods may be in use (NB: day tickets are per rod, if you are fishing with two rods you will require two tickets).
  13. No rod or line must be left unattended with bait or hook in the water, unattended being adjudged as the angler being more than an arms length of one meter from his or her rod during daylight hours and 3 meters during hours of darkness.
  14. No spinning allowed between April 1st and 30th September inclusive in any year.
  15. No fires may be lit on Association banks other than by official working parties.
  16. The Association does not accept responsibility for injury to members or damage to property.
  17. All complaints shall be heard and determined by the officers, but in every case the member charged has the right of explanation. The subscription of any member expelled for breach of the rules shall be forfeited.
  18. Matters, which are not covered by the Association rules and/or disputes as to their interpretation of said rules, shall be referred to the officers for interpretation, their decision being binding upon members.
  19. The use of bloodworm, jokers and peanuts are banned.
  20. No camping, or any equipment deemed to be associated with camping, to be used on the canal banks. Bivvies can only be erected from sunset to eight o’clock in the morning with no obstruction to footpaths.
  21. Anglers must not block the towpath or restrict pedestrian access, this includes the use of poles (please note the pedestrian has the right of way)..
  22. Anglers under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult when fishing during the hours of darkness.

Bude Canal Angling Association – Articles of Association and Members Regulations

1: Title and Address

  1. The Association shall be called, THE BUDE CANAL ANGLING ASSOCIATION, and meetings shall be held at such places as the officers of the Association may determine.

2: Objects

  1. The objects of the Association shall be to promote and provide, angling facilities for its members and short-term ticket holders.

3: Officers

  1. The officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Committee Members, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting according to Association regulations.
  2. The committee shall consist of eight members, the committee shall be divided into two groups of four, senior committee members and junior committee members and junior must seek re-election at the forthcoming AGM. After the AGM the existing junior committee members shall become the senior committee members, and those duly elected the junior committee members.
  3. The officers of the association must be full members (see 6:c)
  4. The officers shall elect a vice-chairman who shall be an existing committee member, at the first meeting after the AGM.
  5. A president shall be elected at the AGM. The president may attend committee meetings and participate in debate but shall have no voting power other than at an AGM.
  6. Officers may be co-opted if a vacant position arises between AGMs, on the proviso that anyone who is co-opted must stand for re-election at the next AGM.
  7. Only two officers maybe co-opted for the duration of the association year, if further vacancies arise they must be left unfilled until the next AGM or extraordinary AGM.

4: Voting

  1. Committee meetings: Other than the chairman, officers shall have one vote each. The Chairman shall only vote in the event of the votes being equal; he shall have the casting vote.
  2. Annual General Meetings: Other than the Chairman, each fully paid up member of the Association (See 6:c) shall have one vote. Associate members and junior members (See 6:d-e) have no voting rights. The Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of votes being equal.
  3. Voting shall be by a show of hands unless the officers decide that a ballot shall take place.

5: Duties

  1. The Chairman shall chair meetings. He shall encourage debate and direct discussion allowing those present to participate if they so desire. The chairman shall maintain order at meetings; it shall be in his power to expel person or persons after issuing a warning, if the person or persons refuse to come under the Chairman’s order. Any person expelled may face disciplinary action.
  2. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the full responsibilities of the Chairman upon his absence from the meeting.
  3. The Secretary shall keep account of the Association membership and of meetings. The Secretary shall also deal with correspondence.
  4. The Membership Secretary shall keep account of the Association membership,issue renewal notices and administer new memberships.
  5. The Treasurer shall keep a true account of all monies received and expended by the Association. He shall present the accounts to the committee meeting prior to the AGM for approval. The accounts to be presented and fully approved at the AGM.
  6. Committee members are to attend meetings regularly. If a committee member misses three consecutive meetings without in the opinion of the officers, valid reason for such absences, he shall forfeit committee membership.
  7. The position of Match Secretary may be created at the discretion of the officers. The duties of the position shall be the co-ordination and organisation of contests. If the holder of the position is not an existing officer he shall have the right to attend committee meetings for consultation purposes. He shall not have the right to vote at a committee meeting unless he is an officer.
  8. A sub-committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall deal with any pressing matter and report it to the next full committee meeting.
  9. All formal agreements of the Association shall be entered into the names of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

6: Memberships & Subscriptions

  1. The Associations year shall run from June 1st to May 31st and Association fees will be due before June 1st and can be paid during the months of April and May. Members not renewing before June 1st shall forfeit their membership.
  2. Prospective new members must apply for membership on official application forms available from the Membership Secretary or via the website. New memberships within the designated membership numbers for each category are granted at the discretion of the committee, this discretion may be delegated to the Chairman and Membership Secretary.
  3. Full membership with voting rights will only be granted to persons residing within a 18-mile radius of Bude who are over the age of 16 on or before June 1st in the year of renewal or application.
  4. Those under the age of 16 on or before June 1st in the year of application or renewal shall be junior members.
  5. Those residing beyond the 18-mile radius of Bude may be granted Associate membership at the discretion of the committee. Associate members have no rights other than being holders of a season ticket. Associate membership may at no time exceed a total of 25.
  6. Association membership and joining fees shall be decided upon and set at the AGM.
  7. A commission determined by the officers shall be paid to the sellers of Association day and weekly tickets.
  8. All members must carry their membership tickets at all times when fishing Association waters and shall produce them at the request of an appointed bailiff or other full member.
  9. Joining the Association shall bind members to the rules of the Association and it is up to the members to make themselves aware of the rules. Members must comply with the Environmental Agency laws. An Environmental Agency rod licence is required for all persons over the age of 12 years.
  10. Total membership of Bude Canal Angling Association shall not exceed 225 senior members; Associate membership will at no time exceed a total of 25.
  11. Life membership can at the officers discretion, be awarded to a member. He or she shall become a full member (See 6:c) and no longer subject to annual fees. The award of life membership may be given to any Association member(See 6:c-e).

7: Annual Meetings

  1. The AGM shall be held on April or May of each year. Members shall receive notice of the meeting not less than one month before it is to take place.
  2. The officers may convene an Extraordinary General meeting of members to consider particular matters upon request in writing of 7 or more officers or 40% of the full members to the secretary.
  3. Every full member of the Association (See 6:c) has the right to submit a notice of motion in writing to be placed upon the agenda of the AGM, the notice must be presented in writing to the Secretary no later than 14 days before the AGM and seconded by a full or junior member.
  4. No business shall be transacted at an AGM unless a quorum of members is presented at the time when the meeting proceeds to business 5 members shall constitute a quorum.
  5. No Association rule shall be altered, added to, or rescinded except by a majority vote at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting and notice in writing of any such intended alteration, addition or rescission shall be given to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of such meeting.

8: Competition

  1. The Association has the right to close the bank or sections thereof to all anglers for the purpose of competition angling. Notice shall be placed on the bank informing anglers of closure. All anglers must comply with the instructions of said notice.
  2. The officers may waive bank fees and day ticket charges to visiting teams at their discretion.
  3. Angling teams representing the Association shall be picked by the Secretary or duly elected Match Secretary. It shall be Association policy to support and promote inter club activity through competition.
  4. Scales used to weigh fish to be entered for club trophies must be produced at the officer’s request for verification.
  5. Fish caught outside competitions may be weighed and witnessed by two independent persons, one of whom should be over 21, to qualify for trophies. Carp entries for ‘Six of the Best’ must be entered individually to the Match Secretary. The Match Secretary must receive entries for trophies within 7 days of capture.
  6. The number of anglers to constitute an official contest be left to the judgement of the secretary or Match secretary.
  7. Bank closures signs must be erected at least twelve hours prior to the match draw time to give adequate notice to pleasure anglers.
  8. Anglers shall abide by any other rules stated by the Match Secretary or other match organiser on display or stated at the draw.
  9. Mobile phones are banned during any competition unless prior consent has been granted by the Match Committee or for emergency use.
  10. Two keepnets are required, one for silvers and one for carp. Carp up to 5lbs may be retained in a keepnet for the duration of the competition. Carp over 5lbs must be weighed and returned.
  11. B.C.A.A. match rules shall be determined by the officers and made available to members upon request.