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Summer League R1 Monica Jones Cup


Sunday 15th May - Monica Jones Cup Spirits were high with tales of mid week double figure bags from both Lower and Upper Basins but as it turned out, with a stiff southerly wind blowing, you needed a low draw to frame in this contest. Matt Sampson doggedly hung onto...

AGM Update


Members AGM Update 30-04-2022 Dear Members, A quick update with regards the recent AGM meeting and forthcoming changes to our rules. With regards candidates for the posts of the Association Officers, no proposals were received and as the existing Officers were prepared to serve for another year all were returned...

Pairs League R1


Sunday 24th April Jack Crystal had to borrow a landing net after fogetting his own and was soon onto the 'lumps' fishing pellet dwen the edge to take a succession of carp to easily win the Lake section (his best 10lb fish just fitting into the net!). The going was...

Pairs KO Update


Si Allen (peg 16) knocked out London Tone Hillas (peg 17) with over 30lbs of bream skimmers and silvers, Tone had a creditable 16lbs 10zs. Both alternated between long and short pole. Simon Allen 30lbs 5ozs.jpg

Last Chance Match


Last Chance Match - Sunday 3rd April 1. Steve White House 10lb 13ozs Peg 19 2. Dick Turner 9lb 12ozs Peg 20 3. Andy Southey 9lb 4oz Peg 14 4. Len Hancock 7lb Peg 16 5. Tony Johns 6lb 5ozs Peg 17 =6. Wayne Burnard 4lb 14ozs Peg 15 =6. John Townsen 4lb 14ozs Peg 18 8. Ade Hicks 1lb 14ozs Peg 13

Winter League R10


Sunday 27th March Winter League R10 Jan Pethick and Johnny Coney Memorial Trophy It was decided again to close up the peg distances in the Lower Basin to get ten anglers into this productive section (peg 1 =20 to peg 10=13). Adrian 'Sailor' Hill took full advantage of drawing peg...

Winter League R9


Sunday 6th March With twelve anglers it was decided to peg everyone between pegs 12 and 20, which at least saw the majority of anglers find a few fish. Simon Allen managed to tempt a few slabs using worm over groudbait on the long pole and with a number additional...

Winter League R8


Winter League Round 8: Sunday 27th February: After a breakfast conference it was decided to give the Rodds Bridge section a go after Adrian Hill raised it as the 'Elephant in the Room' option, so we are all blaming Adrian for what followed! With clearish water and a bright sun...

Winter League R7


Winter League Round 7: Sunday 13th February: It was decided to use the sections 1-20 to see if the deeper water from 3 to 11 would produce better results than the Second Basin. However, it turned out to be a difficult day for those in the narrows as the Upper...

Fish Stocking - Middle Pound


BCAA took delivery of fish from the Environment Agency's Calverton fishery located in Nottingham on Monday 24th January, Guy Pessel, Adrian Hill and Matt Sampson were on hand to carry the fish the short distance from the Truck to the Pound. The fish were all stocked into the Middle Pound...

Winter League R6


Winter League Round 6: Sunday 9th January: What a difference a week makes with the roach absent in what turned into a real scratching contest. It was the anglers who managed to pick up the odd skimmer who made the frame with the prediced roach catches on Whoopers Bend (pegs...

Winter League R5 Fur and Feather


Winter League Round 5: Sunday 19th December: The roach were back with avengence in the Lower Basin with a number of anglers catching over 100 redfins. However, it was a carp of 8lbs that boosted Mark Gratton's weight to over 12lbs for the victory off end peg 12 (fair do's,...

Winter League R4


Winter League Round 4: Sunday 28th November: This was a match dominated by quality bream as the smaller fish that had been in evidence earlier in the week were just not interested on the day. Matt Sampson held onto the pole in windy conditions to bank a near 10lb bag...

Winter League R3


Winter League Round 3: Sunday 7th November: For once it was an even split between the two Basins and surprisingly it was the Second Basin that came out on top. At the equivalent match last year everyone in the Second Basin blanked with no one having a bite! It was...

Winter League R2


Winter League Round 2: Sunday 24th October: It was a bream fest off pegs 15 and 16 as the Allens bagged up on the slabs that everyone thought were no longer in the canal. Simon managed to bag some quality 'bronzer' slabs and a bonus 1lb 4oz silver bar, alternating...