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Chairs Trophy - Upper Tamar

Monday, 26 August 2019

Chairs Trophy Match , Sunday 25th August:

For the third year running the annual Chairs Trophy Team match was held at Upper Tamar Lake between three teams of 5 anglers.  Everyone was among the roach with a few finding the skimmers and perch pushing all the weights above 10lbs.

Simion Allen fished the short pole for 43lbs of redfins to take the overall win, two pegs down Nathan Underwood switched to the pole too late to catch Si and ended in second with 30lbs. Sandwiched between them was Tony Hillas who finished a creditable third (a section win on the day) in his comeback match with 26lbs of silvers. Ian Gray (24lbs) and Jean Bowden (16lbs) won the other two sections.

The Chairs Trophy went to the Chairman's Team winning four out of the five team sections, with 13 points out of a possible 15:  Paul Braund Cpt. (3), Ian Gray (1), Simon Hockaday (3), Nathan Underwood (3), Jean Bowden (3).

There were section wins for

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No.
1 Simon Allen 43lbs 13oz 5
2 Nathan Underwood 30lbs 1oz 3
3 Tony Hillas 26lbs 13oz 4
4 Matt Sampson 24lbs 11oz 2
5 Ian Gray 23lbs 4oz 6
6 Adrian Hill 17lbs 5oz 1
7 Simon Hockaday 16lbs 9oz 9
8 Jean Bowden 16lbs 5oz 15
9 Rob Fuller 15lbs 2oz 8
10 Paul Braund 14lbs 15oz 12
11 Dave Allen 13lbs 10oz 14
12 Steve Whitehouse 13lbs 7
13 Len Hancock 11lbs 15oz 10
14 Mike Bowden 11lbs 11
15 Jack Crystal 10lbs 2oz 13