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Charity Match 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

The annual charity match raised £164, the Associatioin does not yet have a nominated cause to support this year and the Committee, who will be meeting in early September, would like to hear your suggestions as to what the cause(s) may be.  As for the match itself the big fish failed to show in numbers, possibly put down by the recent rain, and it was bags of silvers and skimmers that dominated with the odd slab.  Dave Allen won the trophy taking a succession of skimmers and roach from the middle of the Second Basin throughout the four hours for a near 9lb bag.  Len Codlin and Kevin Hill were seperated by only a few ounces for second and third spot from the Lower Wharf.  There were some fine individual fish with Dave Allen taking a speciman roach and Wayne Burnard netting a brace of 1lb+ perch.  A mix up at the draw saw Adrian Hill and Simon Allen rule themselves out as they both took end pegs, a fine gesture on this charitable day.  Other fine gestures and thanks also go to Martin Walker, Dick Turner, Derek Foster, Coin Abbott and the randon (but generous) holiday maker for donations that further boosted our charity coffers.


1. Dave Allen                        8lb 13oz peg32 2. Len Codlin                        7lb 14oz peg16 3. Kevin Hill                          7lb 1oz   peg18 4. Peter Giles                        5lb 110z peg19 5. Wayne Burnard             5lb 70z   peg34 6. Jim Escett                        5lb 4oz   peg17 7. Len Hancock                  4lb 7oz   peg29 8.Ady Larkins                     4lb 3oz   peg28 9. = Simon Hockaday      3lb 9oz   peg31 9. = Dick Turner                 3lb 9oz   peg20 11.Paul Braund                  3lb 6oz   peg33 12. Tony Johns                   3lb 3oz   peg15 13.Jean Bowden                3lb 2oz   peg30 14. Mike  Bowden              3lb 1oz   peg26 15.Pete Horton                   2lb 1oz   peg27 16.Tony Hilias                     1lb10oz  peg14 17. Simon Allen                 11lb 5oz  peg35 18. Adrian Hill                     4lb13oz peg13 Next Match:  Sunday 25th August, 7am Draw fish 8 to 1.  Rudd and Roach only contest.