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Covid Update - Dec

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Wednesday, 8th December 2020

Dear Member,

Under section 5h of the Rules and Regulations of BCAA, the Senior Offices of the Association continue to take action and an update is given below:

The Officers of the Association were able to hold an ‘on-line’ Committee Meeting on Sunday 6th December.  A review of the current covid restrictions was undertaken now that Cornwall has been designated a Tier 1 area.

In light of Angling Trust guidance a vote was passed to amend the current restrictions to allow night fishing to recommence with immediate effect.

Members are reminded that the following restrictions are still in place and must be adhered to are -

Anglers to be within arms reach of their rods at all times.

  • Anglers to carry their BCAA ID Card/ Day Ticket and EA Rod Licence with them when fishing.
  • No umbrellas, bivvies’ or shelters of any description to be erected at any time on the Main Canal, for clarity the Main Canal is defined as being from the Sea Lock to A39 Road Bridge.
  • No Fishing within 15 metres of another angler.
  • When fishing the Lower Basin or narrow sections of the canal please avoid placing your rod bag/keepnet bag, etc immediately behind you, place them to the side and maximise space for towpath users to pass.

The Officers are aware of a small number of anglers who are not adhering to the rules.  It pains me to have to point out something that should be obvious.  Bude Canal is situated where we are in full view of the general public and share the banks with a large number of residential property, it is not an isolated or secluded venue.  I would hope our members understand this and that our conduct and behaviour has a direct impact on how the public perceive our sport.  Some of our members might want to just think about that.

This notification from the Association is a final warning to any member who is unable to follow the rules.  Anyone found in breach of any Association rules will be at serious risk of forfeiting their Association membership.  The Officers wanted to make it clear if the behaviours of some members continue, this will happen.

2020-21 Membership Renewal

The Association has reached its limit for Full and Associate Members, there are only places available for Junior memberships.


The Annual General Meeting will take place in May 2021, the format will depend upon the government advice prevailing at this time but may have to be on-line.

A big thank you to the vast majority of members who have been diligently following the advice of the Government and using common sense when angling under the various restrictions.  It has been appreciated.

Paul Braund

Chairman BCAA