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Pairs League Final 2015

Monday, 21 September 2015

Pairs League Round 9 (Final) Revised after Stewards Enquiry!

It was an incredibly close finish that saw the Halwill Hustlers defeat the defending champions Me and My Boy by two points even though they finished equal last.  Dave Allen won the Second Basin section winning the all important bonus point for Me and My Boy, with Nathan Underwood of the Halwill Hustlers on the adjacent peg finishing second.  In the Lower Basin, Simon Allen finished last with Ian Gray next to last giving Me and My Boy a shared victory with the Bude Bay Pirates.

For the Pirates stand in Matt Sampson bagged a couple of carp and a bream for a 30lb winning bag (and a bonus point!).  Mr Bude Bay Pirates, Adrian Hill, finished last in the Second Basin mirroring the result for Me and My Boy, so both ending on 7 points.

There was controversy with a couple of un-weighed roach caught up in the folds of Paul Braund's keep net that would have put the Tiscott Boys equal first!  However, the fish were only discovered after the weigh in (and safely returned to the water).    Catch of the day went to Dick Turner who netted a fine pair of trousers with a white blackberry phone in one of the pockets!

You could not make it up!

Sunday 20th September

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
=1 Me and My Boy S Allen 5lb 3oz 116 D Allen 13lb 5oz 32 7
=1 Bude Bay Pirates M Sampson 30lb 11oz 18 A Hill 7lb 13oz 29 7
=3 Tiscott Boys T Johns 11lb 4oz 19 P Braund 9lb 1oz 31 6
=3 New Team Faint Heart P Slade 8lb 5oz 17 D Turner 9lb 3oz 30 6
=3 New Halwill Hustlers I Gray 7lb 12oz 15 Nathan Underwood 11lb 15oz 33 6

Pairs League Final (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 New Halwill Hustlers (9) 58.5
2 Me and My Boy (9) 56.5
3 Bude Bay Pirates (9) 50.5
4 New Team Faint Heart (9) 49.5
5 Lager Louts (8) 38.5
6 Teamark 2 (8) 38.5
7 The Tiscott Boys (9) 36.5
8 The French Conection (4) 19.5
9 The Brendon all Stars (7) 17
10 Cosmic Angling (1) 9
11 Norma/Kieran (3) 3