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Pairs League R1 2021

Monday, 26 April 2021

Pairs League - Round 1

Sunday 25th April

The 21/22 season got off to a mixed start with the cafe bank of the lake and southern end of the pond fishing ok, but a real struggle to find fish if you were pegged elsewhere.

The competition itself finished in a tie with Simon Allen winninning the lake (2 carp for 17lbs and 5lbs of silvers) and Ady Larkins the pond (7lbs 13ozs of silvers) for 'Me and My Lad' and the 'Larger Louts' repectively.  Dave Allen needed just 8ozs to beat two other anglers in the pond whilst Kevin did at least require a respectable 4lbs 10zs to finish 4th on the lake to ensure a shared victory.

Was it luck of the draw, perhaps the weather or was everone carp maze when clearly they were not that interested?  Adrian 'Sailor' Hill tried more set ups than he does on an average days pollock fishing, and believe me, thats a lot! (I you told it was too soon to put the 1mm bread puch away!).

Hopefully a bit of warmth will see things improve.

Team Angler 1(Lake) Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 (Pond) Weight 2 Peg
=1 Me and My Boy S Allen 22lb 4ozs 64 D Allen 8oz 5
=1 Lager Louts K Hill 4lbs 10oz 55 A Larkins 7lb 13oz 1
3 Brendon Arms All Stars Tony Hilas 7lb 6oz 68 M Sampson 7lb 2oz 2
=4 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 14 ozs 53 M Gratton 3lb 2oz 4
=4 Tiscott Boys P Braund 16lbs 3ozs 66 T Johns 1oz 3
6 Lynstone Lads S Whitehouse 13oz 51 J Crystal 2oz 6

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 Me and My Boy (1) 5.5
2 Lager Louts (1) 5.5
3 Brendon All Stars (1) 4
4 Tiscott Boys (1) 2.5
5 Bude Bay Pirates (1) 2.5
6 Lynstone Lads (1) 1