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Pairs League R1 2013

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Pairs League was turned on its head as last years champions and runners up finished last and second to last in the opening round.  The best fishing was in the second basin with plenty of rudd and perch showing.  However, you needed slabs to frame and Ady Larkins alternated maggot, sweetcorn and worm to amass over 21lbs (an excellent weight in what is a three hour match), partner Kevin Hill backed this up with the second best weight from the Lower Basin to secure victory for the Lager Louts.  The best weight in the Lower Basin came from Dick Turner who netted four slabs for 11lbs, partner Duncan Edwards weighed in with 16lbs but stand in for Me and My Boy Paul Willshire denied New Team Faint Heart victory with an 18lbs haul of skimmers.  Paul was standing in for Dave Allen and Dave will find it difficult to get his place back when he returns for round 3 on this performance.  

Result  (Lower Basin first name)

  1. The Lager Louts                 K Hill 6lb 4oz:  Ady Larkins 21lb 1oz                      14pts
  2. New Team Faint Heart     D Turner 11lb 4oz : D Edwards  16lb 4ozs              13pts
  3. Me and My Boy                  S Allen 1lb 15oz : PWillshire   18lb 1oz                    10pts
  4. Tiscott Boys                       Tony Johns 1lb 6oz: P Braund 6lb 3oz                       6pts
  5.  Old Boys                             Ian Gray 4lb 4oz:  Derek Foster 2lb 13oz                 6pts
  6. The Bude Bay Pirates       Adrian Hill 8oz:  Peter Giles 12lb 14oz                     5pts
  7. The Halwill Hustlers         N Underwood 1lb 1oz:  D Underwood 5lb 3oz          4pts

Pairs League

  1. Lager Louts                                  7
  2. New Team Faint Heart              6
  3. Me and My Boy                           5
  4. Tiscott Boys                                 3.5
  5. Derek and Ian                              3.5
  6. Bude Bay Pirates                         2
  7. Halwill Hustlers                           1