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Pairs League R3 2012

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The bream put in an appearance with most of the anglers picking up a slab or two to boost their weights.  It was the first maximum of the season with Nathan and Dan Underwood winning their respective sections.  The result moves the Halwill Hustlers to the top of the league.  Super sub Peter 'Tacker' Giles stood in for the unwell Paul Wilshire and helped the Bude Bay Pirates into second place with top weight from the Upper Basin.  Duncs and DT put in solid results apiece to secure third spot.  Ady Larkins landed the best 'silver bar' so far this season with a 12oz roach.


  1. Halwill Hustlers                 N Underwood 10lb 10ozs: D Underwood 14lb 2ozs        18
  2. Bude Bay Pirates              A Hill 4lb 12ozs: P Giles (sub) 18lb 8ozs                            15
  3. New Team Faint Heart    D Edwards  8lb 13ozs:  D Turner 9lb 14ozs                      14
  4. The Lager Louts                K Hill  6lb 5ozs: A Larkins 5lb 9ozs                                   10
  5. Old Boys                              G Pessell 8lb 14ozs : D Foster 1oz                                       9
  6. Me and My Boy                   S Allen 4lb 9ozs : D Allen 8lb 15ozs                                    9
  7. The Codfathers                   M Sampson  11ozs : L Codlin 9lb 9ozs                                7
  8. Tiscott Boys                          T Johns 1lb 6ozs:  P Braund 3lb 13ozs                              6
  9. Team Rossco                        C Abbott 1lb 1oz: Ross 13ozs                                              4        

Pairs League After 3 Rounds

  1. Halwill Hustlers                         22.5
  2. Bude Bay Pirates                       21
  3. Me and My Boy                         20.5
  4. Lager Louts                                19
  5. New Team Faint Heart             17
  6. Tiscott Boys                                12.5
  7. Old Boys                                      12.5
  8. The Codfathers                           9
  9. Team Rossco                               4