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Pairs League R4 2017

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pairs League Round 4

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Phew, what a scorcher! It was the tale of two Basins as temperatures nudged the 30's with 8 of the 9 anglers struggling to find any weights in the deeper Lower Basin and weighing in with less than 2lbs apiece. Upstream in the shallower Upper Basin it was a different story with anglers averaging 7lbs apiece for the three hour match.

It was all bits in the Lower Basin with Simon Allen finding 4lbs to easily take the section.  Team partner Dave Allen banked nearly 6lbs of Silvers in the Upper Basin but it was a only to be a shared win for Me and My Boy.  The Lager Louts had two strong finishers with Ady Larkins finishing second in the Lower Basin with an ounce shy of 2lbs, and a late slab helping boost Kevin Hills bag to over 6lbs and a share of the win.  Me and My Boy did have the consolation of regaining the lead in the League.

Despite Ian Croxton winning the Upper Basin with nearly 12lbs (including a 6lb carp in the first 5 minutes), Cosmic Angling just missed out on third place due to solid performances from Dick Turner and Pete Slade to see New Team Faint Heart pinch it.

Results (Lower Basin Section Angler 1)

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
=1 The Lager Louts A Larkins 1lb 15oz 19 K Hill 6lb 3oz 33 13
=1 Me and My Boy S Allen 4lb 2ozs 18 D Allen 5lbs 15oz 27 13
3 New Team Faint Heart P Slade 1lb 12ozs 20 D Turner 7lb 15ozs 29 12
4 Cosmic Angling P Horton 7ozs 15 I Croxton 11lb 14oz 32 11
=5 New Halwill Huslers N Underwood 10oz 17 I Gray 11lbs 3oz 28 10
=5 Lynstone Lads P Drissle 1lb 1ozs 16 S Hockaday 8lb 4oz 34 10
7 Old Guys Rule D Foster 1lb 11oz 13 G Pessell 6lbs 26 9
8 Brendon All Stars M Sampson 1lb 13oz 14 T Hilias 1lb 11oz 31 8
9 Tiscott Boys T Johns 1lb 10oz 12 P Braund 3lb 11oz 30 6

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 Me and My Boy (4) 34.5
2 New Halwill Hustlers (4) 33
3 New Team Faint Heart (4) 29.5
4 The Lager Louts (4) 26
5 Tiscott Boys (4) 18.5
6 The Brendon all Stars (4) 17
7 Lynstone Lads (4) 15.5
=8 Old Guys Rule (4) 12
=8 Cosmic Angling (2) 12
10 Bude Bay Pirates (3) 7
11 Mr & Mrs (2) 5