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Pairs League R5 2017

Friday, 21 July 2017

Pairs League Round 5

Tuesday 4th July 2017

It was a case of 'crash bang wallop' as the Matt Peperall and Ryan Willshire upset the status quo with a shock victory on the 2017 debut for team 'Carp or Bust'.  Not even a 32lb bag from Nathan Underwood could prevent the dynamic duo from reversing last seasons poor form.

Nathan had some reward as the Hallwill Hustlers moved to the top of the league as Me and My Boy slipped into fourth place on the night with average bags from Simon and Dave Allen.  It was the Tiscott Boys with last minute super sub Paul Drissell and team captain Tony Johns delivering when it mattered that stole the final podium spot from them.

It now looks like a straight battle at the top between the usual suspects for the title with three of the established teams battling for third place, unless 'Carp or Bust, can prove this result was not a flash in the pan.


Results (Lower Basin Section Angler 1)

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
1 Carp or Bust M Peperall 3lb 5oz R Willshire 8lb 8oz 11
2 Halwill Hustlers I Gray 2lb 9ozs N Underwood 32lbs 1oz 10
3 Tiscott Boys P Drissell 4lb 15ozs T Johns 3lb 15ozs 9
4 Me and My Boy S Allen 2lb 11oz D Allen 4lb 13oz 8
5 Lynstone Lads S Whitehouse 3lb 4oz S Hockaday 3lb 14oz 7
6 Brendon All Stars M Sampson 2lb 2ozs T Hillias 5lb 5oz 6
7 Lager Louts K Hill 1lb 3oz A Larkins 5lbs 5oz 5
8 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 2lb 7oz T Giles 3lbs 5oz 4
9 Cosmic Angling P Horton 3lb 12oz 3
10 New Team Faint Heart P Slade 10oz D  Turner 2lb 2oz 2
11 Old Guys Rule G Pessell 10oz D Foster 1lb 1oz 1

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 New Halwill Hustlers (5) 43
2 Me and My Boy (5) 42.5
3 New Team Faint Heart (5) 31.5
4 The Lager Louts (5) 31
5 Tiscott Boys (5) 27.5
6 Lynstone Lads (5) 23.5
7 The Brendon all Stars (5) 23
8 Cosmic Angling (3) 15
9 Old Guys Rule (5) 13
10 Bude Bay Pirates (4) 11
11 Carp or Bust (1) 11
12 Mr & Mrs (2) 5