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Pairs League R7 2012

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Halwill Hustlers maxed out the points to extend their lead in the league by winning both sections.  Nathan Underwood banked 13lbs from the Lower Wharf while son Dan bagged 10lb plus from the Second Basin (losing a large carp into the bargain).  Consistency is what you need in pairs and a slab on his new pole from Len Codlin was backed up by a succession of skimmers for team mate Matt Sampson (using Len's old pole) to both weigh 7lb apiece, enough to finish second. Third spot went to the Allen's  who took advantage of a poor day for the Bude Bay Pirates to move Me and My Boy into second.  With a 5.5 point lead the Hustlers look uncatchable with one match to go, but you never know on Bude Canal!


  1. Halwill Hustlers                D Underwood 10lb 10oz : N Underwood 13lb 7oz    20pts
  2. The Codfathers                  L Codlin 7lb 8oz  : M Sampson  7lb                             14pts
  3. Me and My Boy                  S Allen 9lb 9oz : D Allen 6lb                                         13pts
  4. =Tiscott Boys                      P Braund 5lb 15ozs :  P Giles (Sub) 9lb 1ozs:            11pts
  5. =Bowden United                Jean Bowden 6lb 7oz  :  M Bowden 6lb 8oz              11pts
  6. New Team Faint Heart     D Turner 7lb 6oz : D Edwards  5lb 3ozs                    10pts
  7. =The Lager Louts               K Hill  5lb 6oz :   A Larkins 3lb 12oz                           5pts
  8. =Bude Bay Pirates              A Hill 4lb 3ozs : PWillshire   6lb 4oz                          5pts
  9. Ian's All Stars                       I Gray 5lb 2ozs  : D Genini  2lb 5ozs                           3pts

Pairs League After 7 Rounds

  1. Halwill Hustlers                        39.5
  2. Me and My Boy                         34
  3. Bude Bay Pirates                       32.5
  4. New Team Faint Heart            27.5
  5. Lager Louts                                23.5
  6. Tiscott Boys                               22
  7. The Codfathers                          19
  8. Old Boys                                     12.5
  9. Bowden  United                          5.5
  10. Team Emmett                            5
  11. Team Rossco                              4
  12. Ian's All Stars                             3