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Pairs League R8 2021

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Pairs League - Round 8 - Sunday 3rd October

After the dissapointment of Middle Pound it was decided to experiment by fishing the narrows section from Rodds Bridge towards Whoopers Bend.

A win on the Lake by Simon Allen with 28lbs was needed to secure the league victory for Me and My Boy by 1 point as partner Dave  Allen struggled in the narrows.  It was unfortunate that Tony Hillas lost a carp early doors that would have easiy won that section for the Brendon All Stars but they had to settle for second place with Mat and Tony finishing third in thier respective sections (and losing all chance of challenging for the League).

A 6lb bag of silvers taken on the punch won the narrows section for Mark Gratton off end peg 7, and with partner Adrian Hill sneaking into fourth at the lake, it was enough to take the victory for the Bude Bay Piratres on the day.


  Team Angler 1(Lake) Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 (Pound) Weight 2 Peg  
1 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 14lb 15oz 51 M Gratton 6lb 4oz 7  
2 Brendon All Stars M Sampson 20lbs 9oz 57 T Hillas 3lb 1oz 5  
3 Me and My Boy S Allen 28lbs 1oz 63 D Allen 1lb 6oz 1  
4 Lynstone Lads J Crystal 25lb 8z 53 S Whitehouse 1lb 13oz 6  
=5 Lager Louts K Hill 17lb 4oz 55 A Larkins 2lb 2ozoz 3
=5 Tiscott Boy T Johns 2lb 12oz 57 P Braund 3lb 11oz 7
7 Old Boys L Hancock 12oz 59 M Bowden 1lb 6ozs 4

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)


Pos. Team   Points
1 Me and My Boy (8) 42.5
2 Brendon All Stars (8) 41
3 Lynstone Lads (8) 31.5
4 Bude Bay Pirates (8) 28
5 Tiscott Boys (8) 20.5
6 Lager Louts (7) 14
7 Team Faint Heart (1) 6.5
8 Old Boys (3) 6
9 Carp or Bust (2) 2