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Pairs League R8 (Final) 2017

Monday, 2 October 2017

Pairs League Round 8 (Final Round)

Sunday 1st October 2017

The New Halwill Hustlers ended the season as league champions with a win in the final pairs match of the season.  It was a case of good, but not section winning bags from both Nathan Underwood and Ian Gray that tipped the balance in the Hustler's favour as other teams failed to get their acts together.  Tony Johns did take a side bet of £2.47 off Nathan, winning the Whalesborough Lake section with an exhibition in waggler fishing and near 11lb bag.  Unfortunately for Tony, Braunder finished last in the Stock Pond section so the Tiscott Boys failed to podium and ended up fourth in the league.

A Carp taken on the tip with 20 minutes to go propelled Tacker Giles up the results sheet and when combined with a steady result from Adrian Hill it gave the Bude Bay Pirates second place on the day.

Steve Whitehouse won the Pond section with 12lbs of carp for the Lynstone Lads but Simon Hockaday could not find the bonus fish from the Lake so they ended joint third with the Lager Louts.  The Lager Louts were living up to their name and the celebrations of the previous evening may have played a part in preventing Ady Larkins finding the additional 5 ounces required to back up Kevin Hills second place on the Lake and take third place outright.

Results (Whalesborough Lake  Section Angler 1)

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
1 New Halwill Hustlers N Underwood 10lb 10oz 17 I Gray 6lb 13oz 8 16
2 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 8lb 1oz 11 P Giles 4lbs 12oz 5 14
=3 Lynstone Lads S Hockaday 1lb 11oz 6 S Whitehouse 12lb 11ozs 10 13
=3 Lager Louts K Hill 10lb 11ozs 5 A Larkins 1lb 14oz 3 13
5 Tiscott Boys T Johns 10lb 15oz 15 P Braund 3oz 4 12
=6 Me and My Boy A Allen 6lb 9ozs 3 D Allen 4lb 7oz 7 11
=6 New Team Faint Heart D Turner 7lb 14oz 19 P Slade 2lb 2oz 9 11
8 Mr & Mrs M Bowden 2lb 9oz 13 J Bowden 1lbs 11oz 11 7
9 Brendon All Stars P Attenborough 1lb 9oz 2 M Sampson 1lbs 5ozs 6 4
10 Old Guys Rule G Pessell 11oz 8 1

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 New Halwill Hustlers (8) 70
2 Me and My Boy (8) 63.5
3 The Lager Louts (8) 50.5
4 Tiscott Boys (8) 50
5 New Team Faint Heart (8) 48
6 Lynstone Lads (8) 42
7 Bude Bay Pirates (7) 38
8 The Brendon all Stars (8) 34.5
9 Old Guys Rule (8) 22.5
10 Cosmic Angling (3) 15
11 Carp or Bust (1) 11
12 Mr & Mrs (5) 10.5
13 P Att (1) 10
14 JIM (1) 3