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Summer League R1 2019

Monday, 20 May 2019

Summer League Round 1,  Monica Jones Cup, Sunday 19th May:

For the record, 24 anglers fished the corresponding competition in 2017 and banked 58lbs 4ozs of fish, two less fished last year and banked 84lbs 8ozs, and one less fished this year and banked 119lbs. Even if you take the carp weights out of each match (one for 5lbs last year three for 30lbs this) we still end up at 94lbs this year, so a further improvement.

In the match itself the current Monica Jones cup holder retained the trophy with a double figure bag of skimmers from peg 16, mainly falling to the method feeder.  However, Ian did require the bonus of a 9lb carp (also taken on the tip) to see him over the line.  Tony Hillas on fancied end peg 35 banked a near 13lb carp to boost his silvers catch to finish second with a weight of 15lbs.  Meanwhile, on unfancied peg 31, Mark Gratton waggler fished his way to a 11lb net of silvers and only lacked the bonus carp or slab that would have seen him finish higher.

Section wins went to Simon Allen in the Lower Basin who eeked out an 8lb carp from under the tree on peg 20 to save his embarrassment of a 13oz silver haul, and in the Second Basin, Dave Allen off peg 32 who was helped by  a dustbin lid Bude Canal bream to top out at just over 9lbs.

We all know who the moral victor was on the day.  Well done Mark!

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Pts
1 Ian Gray 21lbs 4oz 16 19
2 Tony Hillas 15lbs 4oz 35 18
3 Mark Gratton 10lbs 15oz 31 17
4 Dave Allen 9lbs 8oz 32 16
5 Simon Allen 8lbs 14oz 20 15
6 Mike Bowden 8lbs 7oz 13 14
7 Steve Whitehouse 7lbs 14oz 12 13
8 Jean Bowden 6lbs 12oz 15 12
9 Adrian Hill 5lbs 1oz 28 11
10 Kevin Hill 4lbs 4oz 30 10
11 Ady Larkins 3lbs 10oz 14 9
12 Dick Turner 3lbs 8oz 33 8
13 Wayne Burnard 2lbs 15oz 27 7
14 Matt Sampson 2lbs 10oz 29 6
=15 Paul Drissell 2lbs 9oz 34 4.5
=15 Simon Hockaday 2lb 9oz 26 4.5
17 Paul Braund 1lb 6oz 18 3
18 Len Hancock 1lb 3oz 15 2
19 Geoff 25 1