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Summer League R1 2020

Monday, 22 June 2020

Summer League Round 1,  Monica Jones Cup, Sunday 21st June:

For the record, 24 anglers fished the corresponding competition in 2017 and banked 58lbs 4ozs, 22 fished in 2018 banked 84lbs 8ozs, and 21 in 2019 banking 119lbs (inc 30lbs of carp).  This year, with 5 less anglers  the total was 106lbs with no carp, so we are steadily improving the weights.

After a mega catch off peg 31 in the week Dave Allen followed that up in the match with nearly 13lbs of skimmers and roach to win the Monica Jones Cup off adjacent peg 30.  Jack Crystal posted his best ever result with a double figure bag of skimmers taken on the pole from peg 18 to finish runner up.   Mark Gratton chopped and changed between the pole and tip off peg 13 to bank 9lb 10zs of silvers (with a 2lb bonus bream) for third place.

There were section wins for carp king Ryan Willshire in the Second Basin who used wag 'n mag to net 9lbs of silvers.  The Lower Basin  section win went to Andy Southey who put the tip to good use and bagged  a decent bream and a couple of dog eels to boost his total  catch to 8lb 11ozs.

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Pts
1 Dave Allen 12lbs 14oz 30 17
2 Jack Crystal 10lbs 12oz 18 16
3 Mark Gratton 9lbs 10oz 13 15
4 Ryan Willshire 9lbs 1oz 28 14
5 Andy Southey 8lbs 11oz 16 13
6 Brian Powel 7lbs 10oz 14 12
7 Simon Allen 7lbs 9oz 17 11
8 Ady Larkins 7lbs 12 10
9 Adrian Hill 5lbs 10oz 27 9
10 Steve Whitehouse 5lbs 8oz 26 8
11 Tony Johns 5lbs 3oz 31 7
12 Tony Hillas 4lbs 7oz 25 6
13 Len Hancock 4lbs 5oz 29 5
14 Matt Sampson 4lbs 1oz 2o 4
15 Paul Braund 3lbs 12oz 15 3
16 Kevin Hill 13oz 26 2