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Summer League R6 2012

Thursday, 30 August 2012

With only roach and rudd counting in the Phyllis Turner Cup a variety of baits including hemp and bread punch were brought into action to avoid all other species.  Ever the traditionalist,  Paul Braund fishing off peg 16, stuck to the classic 'up in the water' method to bring over 8lbs of mostly rudd to the bank for the win.   Caster on the 7 meter whip picked out the bigger 'golden bars', with a couple nudging the 1lb mark.  Adrian Hill and Simon Allen battled it out fish for fish all day and not surprisingly ended up equal 2nd.  Adrian tempted a couple of roach on the hemp but was not able to get this legendary roach attractor fully going.    Brian Powel plugged away on the inside line to take the Lower Basin section with a 5lb bag of roach.  Like many, Brian netted some of the 'wrong' fish inclluding a couple of big perch and a 3lb carp.  There were also a couple of inevitable slabs for Wayne Burnard and Jean Bowden respectively.  The Upper Basin section was also shared between Dick Turner and Peter Giles.  It goes to show you can have a very close contest with just the silver and gold redfins counting.

  1. Paul Braund                   8lb 2oz              Peg 16
  2. Simon Allen                    6lb 10oz            Peg 28
  3. Adrian Hill                      6lb 10oz            Peg 26
  4. Brian Powel                     5lb  12oz          Peg 15
  5. Dick Turner                     3lb 14oz           Peg 35
  6. Peter Giles                       3lb 14oz           Peg 27
  7. Dave Allen                       3lb 12oz           Peg 18
  8. Mike Bowden                   3lb 9oz            Peg 19
  9. Jean Bowden                    3lb 6oz            Peg 30
  10. Nathan Underwood         2lb 5oz            Peg 34
  11. Ian Gray                            2lb 4oz           Peg 17
  12. Dan Underwood               2lb 1oz            Peg 31
  13. Simon Hockaday              1lb 12oz          Peg 13
  14. Len Codlin                         1lb 9oz            Peg 14
  15. Kevin Hill                           1lb 4oz            Peg 32
  16. Duncan Edwards               1lb 3oz            Peg 33
  17. Wayne Burnard                      15oz          Peg 20
  18. Mat Sampson                          13oz         Peg 29

Summer League World Championship Points 

  1. Simon Allen                    84.5
  2. Paul Braund                   79
  3. Brian Powell                   75
  4. Nathan Underwood      69
  5. Adrian Hill                     66.5
  6. Duncan Edwards          63
  7. Peter Giles                     55
  8. Dick Turner                   51.5
  9. Ian Gray                         48.5
  10. Dave Allen                      40.5
  11. Ady Larkins                   34
  12. Kevin Hill                        33
  13. Simon Hockaday            33
  14. Jean Bowden                  30
  15. Len Codlin                      24.5
  16. Tony Johns                    24
  17. Dan Underwood            24
  18. Mike Bowden                 16
  19. Wayne Barnard               9
  20. Karl                                  7
  21. Derek Foster                  7
  22. Matt Sampson               1