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Winter League R6 2014

Monday, 27 January 2014

Report From Sunday 26th

The season of bad weather continued with anglers battling high winds and showers, so much so pegs 1 and 2 were located to the rear of Falcon Car Park to take advantage of the shelter afforded by the fir trees.  Simon Allen managed to hang on to his pole to amass 21lbs of slabs, skimmers and roach, alternating between worm and maggot throughout the day.  Simon lost a lot of other fish due to the conditions so when the weather clears someone will be onto a bumber haul from the Lower Basin.  Peter 'Tacker' Giles stayed on the tip for the duration and using worms tempted a series of slabs and skimmers for a 16lbs haul and second place.  Len Codlin drew peg 7 and endured the worst of weather with no protection from the wind.  However, using waggler tactics he brought over 2lbs of roach to the bank and a bonus 5lb carp late on that earned a deserved third place.  Matt Sampson stuck it out on the quiver tip and it was banded breadflake that tempted a solatary carp for the section win, pipping Dave Allen (who drew the most comfortable peg of the day) by two ounces.  Paul Braund secured the narrows section win with 9 roach for just over the pound taken on maggot and breadpunch using a 'very' short pole.

The weather can't get any worse, can it?

Winter League Round 6

  1. Simon Allen                   21lb  6oz    Peg 16
  2. Peter Giles                     16lb  9oz   Peg 18
  3. Len Codlin                        7lb 9oz    Peg 7
  4. Matt Sampson                 4lb 14oz  Peg 17
  5. Dave Allen                        4lb 12oz  Peg 2
  6. Kevin Hill                          2lb 8oz    Peg 1
  7. Simon Hockaday            1lb 14oz    Peg 19
  8. Paul Braund                   1lb 1oz       Peg 9
  9. Ady Larkins                   1lb 1oz       Peg 20
  10. Jean Bowden                  1lb             Peg15
  11. Adrian Hill                      6oz            Peg 11
  12. Tony Johns                     6oz            Peg 8
  13. Dick Turner                    5oz            Peg 14 
  14. Mike Bowden                  2oz           Peg 13
  15. Duncan Edwards             1oz          Peg 10
  16. Len Hancock                                    Peg 12

Winter League Points 

  1. Simon Allen                89
  2. Dick Turner               64.5
  3. Paul Braund               64.5
  4. Len Codlin                   64
  5. Mike Bowden              53
  6. Adrian Hill                   53
  7. Kevin Hill                     53
  8. Tony Johns                 52.5
  9. Peter Giles                  51
  10. Duncan Edwards        44.5
  11. Ady Larkins                43
  12. Nathan Underwood   41
  13. Simon Hockaday         38
  14. Ian Gray                      34
  15. Jean Bowden               32
  16. Tony Hilias                  25
  17. Len Hancock               24.5
  18. Matt Sampson            23.5
  19. Dave Allen                    21
  20. Wayne Burnard           16
  21. Derek Foster                15
  22. Dan Underwood          14
  23. Guy Pessel                    4
  24. Colin Abbott                  3