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Winter League R7 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

Conditions were the worst of the season with the paddles on the lock gates being opened and closed and the canal falling a foot and then refilling at least twice throughout the contest.  It was no surprise that only the big beasts were feeding and that the big weights came out of the usual swims.  Ady Larkins shook off the 'Golden Peg' monkey and landed five slabs (best 5lb 9oz) with a few skimmers and dog roach for a 23lb haul that won the contest and the £100 golden peg bonus.  League wise, it was also a good day for Adrian 'Sailor' Hill who took a couple of slabs, a small carp and a dog roach for 12lbs and second place.  With title contenders Dick Turner and Simon Allen pegged out of it in the Second Basin,  four points now covers the top three as Ady moves into second and Sailor third with four contests to go.  Brother Kevin Hill also found the slabs on peg 14 to take third place and a clean sweep for the Lower Wharf.  Simon Hockaday landed two of the three fish caught from Second Basin for a section win with Dave Allen catching the other, a 5lb 2oz bream, with only 10 minutes to go (good job you didn't pack up to watch the rugby Dave).

Let us hope thats the worse competition condition and fishing wise behind us!

Next Round Sunday 24th February:  Draw 10 Fish 11 - 4 - Falcon Car Park

  1. Ady Larkins                     23lb 4oz    Peg 16
  2. Adrian Hill                        12lb 2oz    Peg 18
  3. Kevin Hill                          10lb 13oz  Peg 15
  4. Simon Hockaday             10lb 2oz     Peg 29
  5. Peter Giles                         8lb 4oz     Peg 14
  6. Dave Allen                          5lb  2oz    Peg 28
  7. Paul Braund                              3oz     Peg 13
  8. Simon Allen                                         Peg 32
  9. Dick Turner                                         Peg 30
  10. Tony Johns                                          Peg 33
  11. Duncan Edwards                                Peg 17
  12. Ian Gray                                              Peg 31
  13. Len Codlin                                            Peg 19

Winter League Standings:

  1. Dick Turner                         75.5
  2. Ady Larkins                         72
  3. Adrian Hill                            71.5
  4. Dave Allen                            68.5
  5. Simon Allen                          64
  6. Ian Gray                               60
  7. Simon Hockaday                 59
  8. Paul Braund                         58
  9. Nathan Underwood            55
  10. Duncan Edwards                 50
  11. Peter Giles                           49
  12. Jean Bowden                       46
  13. Kevin Hill                             40
  14. Tony Johns                          35
  15. Mike Bowden                       31.5
  16. Len Codlin                            29.5
  17. Paul Schubert                      15
  18. Gul Pessel                             14
  19. Tony Hillas                           11
  20. Colin Abbott                         9.5
  21. Brian Powell                         9
  22. Matt Sampson                     6
  23. Dougie Genini                      3
  24. Wayne Barnard
  25. Dennis Chapman