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Winter League R8 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February

Nathan Underwood waggler fished his way to two wins on the bounce with an 8lb 10z net from peg 15 that included a slab amongst the silvers.  The prize money will come in handy to fix the wheel that fell off his tackle trolley on the way to his peg (Tree wheels as they say on the Shannon).  Dave Allen hooked a slab with 30 seconds of the contest remaining, although only just over a couple of pounds it was enough to move him up into second spot.  Dave had alternated between waggler and pole from end peg 31 and his net included a couple of decent rudd.   Keven was the only other angler to net a slab, fishing off peg 27 it was enough to put him comfortably into third spot with 4lb 10ozs.  Working the bread punch at 5meteres from peg 30, Paul Braund sneaked in a section win under the bream radar with 49 roach for 2lbs 5ozs.  Jean Bowden had a 3lb 8oz bag of silvers to win the section in the Lower Basin.  Another fish of note was an 11oz roach for Dougie Genini.

  1. Nathan Underwood             8lb 10oz Peg 15
  2. Dave Allen                            5lb 10oz Peg 31
  3. Kevin Hill                              4lb 10oz Peg 27
  4. Jean Bowden                        3lb 8oz   Peg 17
  5. Adrian Hill                             2lb 14oz Peg19
  6. Paul Braund                          2lb 5oz   Peg 25
  7. Dougie Genini                       2lb 4oz  Peg 16
  8. Len Codlin                             1lb 14oz Peg 14
  9. Dick Turner                          1lb 11oz Peg 26
  10. Simon Allen                           1lb 7oz  Peg 29
  11. Ady Larkins                          1lb 5oz  Peg 28
  12. Simon Hockaday                  1lb         Peg 13
  13. Mike Bowden                            15oz  Peg18

Next Winter League Match:  Sunday 4th March Note Earlier Draw Time 8am!

Winter League Points

  1. Simon Allen                   92
  2. Adrian Hill                     87
  3. Nathan Underwood      74
  4. Dave Allen                      66
  5. Dick Turner                   60
  6. Ady Larkins                   55
  7. Duncan Edwards          50
  8. Len Codlin                     49
  9. Kevin Hill                      45
  10. Jean Bowden                44
  11. Paul Braund                  34
  12. Dougie Genini               30
  13. Derek Foster                24
  14. Tony Johns                   24
  15. Dan Schubert              20
  16. Paul Willshire              18
  17. Simon Hockaday         18
  18. Wayne Burnard           15
  19. Mat Sampson              12
  20. Mike Bowden              12
  21. Paul Schubert             10
  22. Ian Gray                       6
  23. Mark Richards             3