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2011 Jan Pethic and Jonny Coney Memorial Match

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday 13th March

The Bude Canal Winter league ended with a large turnout for the annual Jan Pethic & Jonny Coney memorial match.  In contrast to the previous week it was the Upper Basin that produced the weights with anglers banking only ounces from the Lower Basin.  Nathan Underwood landed a succession of slab bream for a winning bag of 20lbs and collected a bonus £100 prize money as he had drawn the 'Golden Peg'.  Nathan had alternated between the waggler and the pole and took the majority of the slabs on bread.   Fishing close by Mark Richards used more traditional wag and mag tactics to net 3 1/2lbs of roach and bream to secure the runner up spot.  Adrian 'Sailor' Hill caught the the most fish with 14 roach taken on punched bread, but the total weight of 8ozs gives an idea of just how small they were.  However, it did put Adrian into the final podium spot.  Despite losing a large carp Dan Underwood ensured a father and son winning day, taking a solitary roach to win the Junior match.

1st  Nathan Underwood     20lbs,  2nd  Mark Richards   3lbs 80zs, 3rd Adrian Hill     8ozs

Sections:  Wayne Barnard, Duncan Edwards, Dave Allen

Junior Match Winner:  Dan Underwood