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AGM Update

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Members AGM Update


Dear Members,

A quick update with regards the recent AGM meeting and forthcoming changes to our rules.

With regards candidates for the posts of the Association Officers, no proposals were received and as the existing Officers were prepared to serve for another year all were returned un-opposed.  Proposals were received for four candidates for the five available Committee posts, all four candidates were elected unanimously to serve a further two year term.   The Officers and Committee will consider co-opting to the vacant post at the next Committee Meeting.

There were three proposals carried to change the Association rules for the next Association membership year (NB to come into force 01 June 2022):

  1. To permit for the use of up to two rods for members at all times.  To permit for the use of up to two rods for non-members at all times provided a temporary day membership ticket is purchased for each rod, or a 24 hour night fishing ticket (which permits two rods, see 2 below))

Carried with two votes against

  1. To offer the following  temporary memberships to provide clarity with regards ‘Day’ and ‘Night fishing’:
  • Day ticket and Day Weekly ticket– Prices unchanged but to be only valid one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset and priced per rod, to a maximum of two rods.


  • Night ticket - £20.00* Weekly Night ticket £80*  runs 24/168 hours from stated fishing start time to be inclusive of hours of darkness (one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise) and include the use of up to two rods

                        *pro-rata OAP/Disability and Junior discounts will also apply,

Carried Unanimously

  1. Casting weight of terminal tackle (eg. Lead weight or empty swim feeder) to 60grams. 

Carried Unanimously

Please be reminded if you have not already renewed your membership you have until the 31st May to do so.

Best Regards

Paul Braund

BCAA Chairman