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Carp and Match Fishing- The Debate

Monday, 30 July 2018

Are you a Blanketeer or Traditionalist?

At the Committee Meeting last night (Sunday 29th July) there was considerable debate when the subject of carp in matches came up, and the query as to the potential for re-introducing the 'blanket weight' for carp.  There were two main Schools of thought on the subject:

Traditionalist: You should be able to catch whats in front of you and that weighs what it weighs

Interventionist (or Blanketeer): A blanket weight should apply so an angler caching a carp in a match does not force everyone else to fish for carp if they want a chance of winning.

There were lots of ideas and differing views as to how the rules could be changed (or not) and other suggestions such as banning 'carp gear' in matches (noted that electronic indicators are already banned), or have no carp, or specified blanket weight matches.

The Committee did not believe it the correct forum to reach any conclusion, agreeing that the AGM would be the best forum for that.  If match anglers feel strongly about the rules then a formal proposal would need to be tabled for consideration and a vote at the AGM.  I was asked to put up a small article on the web site to get more discussion going, hence  this musing.

Two final thoughts from me - we have bugger all chance of making the Brendon Arms beer festival following next years AGM, as I can see us still in the hall at 10:30pm!  And secondly, I like the idea of a blanket weight, but will probably change my mind as I net that 12lb fish on Sunday.

It would be a boring world if we all thought alike.  If you have thoughts and want to contribute an article on the subject, and I can publish the content, let me have it and I will post it on our website.