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Evening Pairs (R4)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pairs League Round 4 (Evening)

The first evening match of the year was fished in dry, if somewhat blustery conditions with the heavy rain from the previous night and into the afternoon putting the fish down.  We all know consistency is the name of the game in a pairs match and this one certainly proved that point.  It was the New Halwill Hustlers with creditable bags of silvers from Nathan Underwood and Ian Gray that saw them squeak unto first place by half a point, although their weights indicated a greater margin of victory.  The Brendon All Stars continued their meteoric rise up the league with Matt Sampson and Tony Hilias finding the bits to take a creditable second place.  The biggest net of the evening went to Simon Hockaday of the Codfathers who found four slabs from peg 30 in the Second Basin for a net of close on 20lbs.  However, partner Len Codlin struggled along with everyone else in the Lower Basin seeing the team finishing in 3rd on the night.  Adrian Hill was top weight in the Lower Basin but it was very close with partner Peter Giles needing only half an ounce more to push the Pirates into third place to displace the Codfathers, but it was not to be on the night although they are still the league leaders.

League challengers Me and My Boy had an 'off' night finishing equal 6th with New Team Faint Heart and the Tiscott Boys.  We also saw a valiant effort from new team Carp or Bust but the conditions were not in their favour this time, much to all the other teams relief.

The next match on the 24th June clashes with England's last qualifying round in the World Cup, so we are expecting a monster turn out as its got to be better than watching England!

Team Angler 1 Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 Weight 2 Peg Pts
1 The New Halwill Hustlers I Gray 6lb 12ozs 17 N Underwood 11lb 5oz 32 18
2 The Brendon All Stars M Sampson 6lb 5ozs 19 T Hilias 6lb 3oz 35 17.5
3 The Codfathers L Codlin 3lb 15ozs 15 S Hockaday 19lb 4oz 30 15
4 The Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 7lb 10oz 20 P Giles 6lb 3oz 34 14.5
5 The Lager Louts A Larkins 3lb 13ozs 18 K Hill 6lb 10oz 33 11
6 Me and My Boy S Allen 6lb 1ozs 16 D Allen 4lb 13oz 31 10
6 New Team Faint Heart D Edwards 4lb 12ozs 13 D Turner 5lb 2oz 28 10
6 The Tiscott Boys T Johns 5lb 3ozs 11 P Braund 4lb 14oz 26 10
9 Old Guys D Foster 1lb 14 G Pessell 3lb 11oz 28 4
10 Carp or Bust Herbie - 12 M Pepperell - 27 0

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 The Bude Bay Pirates (4) 31.5
2 New Halwill Hustlers (4) 30.5
3 The Cod Fathers (4) 29
4 Me and My Boy (4) 27
5 New Team Faint Heart (4) 19.5
6 The Brendon All Stars (4) 18.5
7 Tiscott Boys (4) 13.5
8 Lager Louts (3) 11
9 Old Guys (4) 8.5
10 Norma/Len H (1) 1
11 Carp or Bust (1) 0