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Himalayan Balsam Pull

Monday, 9 June 2014

Gareth Cann the Ranger has advised that the Balsam is unfortunately growing just as well as all the other plants (growing fit to bust) and there will be plenty to see and pull on Thursday 26th June.

The Team will meet outside the Tourist Information Centre in the Crescent car park, Bude at 10am.

The Balsam plants are very easy to pull out as they have very shallow roots and tend to be in damper ground. It can colonise an area very rapidly as, once the flowers have set seed, the seed pods explode scattering seed up to 7 metres. Pulling the plants before the flowers set is a very effective way of controlling this invasive non-native weed and allowing the native species to recolonise in its place. It is very satisfying to see the huge piles of pulled stems and extensive area we can clear in just a short time.

I hope you can find time to help.

Paul Braund

Chairman BCAA