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Falcon Cup

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

One hundred and twenty five pounds of fish were brought to the scales by the 16 anglers contesting the annual Falcon Cup,  an average weight of 7lbs 8ozs per angler!  What was equally pleasing was that the big nets of fish were spread amongst the pegs and most of these nets were primarily made up of silvers, with some good roach, rudd and the odd perch making the weights.  On the day Simon Allen took advantage of the 'Bream Master's' absence with a comprehensive 18lb+ haul to win the match and move into the overall Summer League lead by 8 points.  Simon alternated between the long and short pole to keep the silvers interested all day long.  Paul Baund and Duncan Edwards both netted 12lb+ bags to finish second and third respectively with Adrian Hill picking up 4th with an 11lb+ net after deciding to sit it out for 'the lumps' and netting a slab and a couple of carp late on.  Jean Bowden must have been disappointed to only win her section with a 10lb bag of silvers but with the Canal on top form you need at least double figure bag to frame.

Get yourself down to the canal and fill your boots!  Don't forget the Charity Match next Sunday, prizes for all, entry is £10 donation to support our local postie Mark Bowman in getting the funds for the lifesaving treatment he urgently needs. 

  1. Simon Allen                   18lb 15oz            Peg 30
  2. Paul Braund                   12lb 15oz           Peg 17
  3. Duncan Edwards           12lb 10oz           Peg 13
  4. Adrian Hill                      11lb 9oz             Peg 16
  5. Jean Bowden                  10lb 2oz            Peg 26
  6. Brian Powell                     8lb 12oz          Peg 27
  7. Ady Larkins                      8lb 4oz            Peg 28
  8. Peter Giles                         6lb 8oz           Peg 34
  9. Ian Gray                             6lb 8oz          Peg 33
  10. Dick Turner                       5lb 10oz        Peg 29
  11. Simon Hockaday               5lb 2oz           Peg 14
  12. Tony Johns                        4lb 11oz         Peg 15
  13. Dave Allen                         3lb 13oz         Peg 32
  14. Mike Bowden                    3lb 10oz        Peg 31
  15. Kevin Hill                           3lb 9oz          Peg 18
  16. Len Codlin                          2lb 9oz          Peg 19

Summer League World Championship Points

  1. Simon Allen                    68
  2. Nathan Underwood      60
  3. Brian Powel                   60
  4. Duncan Edwards          60
  5. Paul Braund                   59
  6. Adrian Hill                      50
  7. Peter Giles                     42
  8. Ian Gray                         40.5
  9. Dick Turner                   37.5
  10. Ady Larkins                   34
  11. Kevin Hill                        29
  12. Dave Allen                      28.5
  13. Simon Hockaday            27
  14. Tony Johns                    24
  15. Jean Bowden                  20
  16. Len Codlin                      19.5
  17. Dan Underwood            17
  18. Karl                                  7
  19. Wayne Barnard              7
  20. Derek Foster                   7
  21. Mike Bowden                  5