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Pairs League - Stu Bell Trophy

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sailor Hill and Paul Willshire managed to find the slabs from pegs 34 and 12 respectively to win the coveted Stu Bell Trophy and put them within half a point of the leaders.  The Breamster Nathan Underwood charmed a few slabs from the Lower Wharf to have the heaviest bag, backed up with a bag of silvers from son Dan it was enough to see the Halwill Hustlers finish 2nd  and stay top of the league (but only just).  With Me and My Boy and Team Faint Heart finishing equal 3rd it was only the Lager Louts who failed to show out of the 'big superstar teams'.  Meanwhile at the other end of the league, catch of the day has to go to Mat Sampson fishing for the Codfathers.  Taking double maggot on the tip Mat netted a fine 1lb 14oz wellington boot (I kid you not!), it was a rare Union Jack variety rather than your more common black or green welly, a new club record to boot (boom boom!).


  1. Bude Bay Pirates                A Hill  16lb 4ozs: P Willshire 11lb 2ozs            17pts
  2. Halwill Hustlers                  N Underwood 13lb 3ozs : D Underwood 2lb 14ozs  13pts
  3. =Me and My Boy                  S Allen 6lb 1oz : D Allen 4lb 8ozs                              12pts
  4. =New Team Faint Heart     D Edwards  6lb 6ozs:  D Turner 4lb 1oz                  12pts
  5. Team Emmett                    N. West Snr 3lb 3ozs  : N West Jnr  10lb 10ozs        11pts
  6. Tiscott Boys                        P Giles (Sub) 1lb 4ozs:  P Braund 6lb 13ozs                8pts
  7. =The Lager Louts                 A Larkins 4lb  : K Hill  10ozs:                                     6pts
  8. =Si and Ian                             S Hockaday 2lb 8ozs Ian Gray  3lb 15ozs                6pts
  9. =The Codfathers                    L Codlin 3lb 8ozs  : M Sampson  1lb 3ozs                6pts

Pairs League After 3 Rounds

  1. Halwill Hustlers                         30.5
  2. Bude Bay Pirates                       30
  3. Me and My Boy                         27
  4. New Team Faint Heart             23.5
  5. Lager Louts                                21
  6. Tiscott Boys                                16.5
  7. Old Boys                                      12.5
  8. The Codfathers                           11
  9. Team Emmett                             5
  10. Team Rossco                               4
  11. Si and Ian                                     2