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Fish Stocking 16-01-17

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fish Stocking on Main Canal - Monday 16th January

A big thank (especially Sally Gallop) and Calverton Fish Farm who delivered a consignment of fish to replenish the the stocks in the Main Canal on Monday.   The fish count was 1000 roach, 200 rudd, 200 crucians, 300 tench and 500 bream. All fish were 18 months old and were in excellent condition.

Thanks to Steve and Guy (pictured) for supervising the delivery.  So when you next purchase your rod licence remember that this is only a small part of what that is paying for.


Fish Stocking
Guy and Steve supervising the delivery


Releasing the Fish
Releasing the Fish


Crucian Carp
Sample Crucian Carp