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Monica Jones Cup 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday 9th June - Summer League Round 1

As often happens in the early weeks of the season the bream fail to show in significant numbers during the day and so match weights were low for the oldest trophy competition of the season compared to the recent evening contest.  Fishing peg 33 Simon Allen managed to find one slab but was able to back this up with a number of silvers for a winning 14lb plus bag.  Second and third went to Adrian Hill and Tacker Giles respectively in the Lower basin, both building double figure bags of silvers on the inside line.  Adrian Hill also landed a specimen 'silver bar' roach for 1lb 4oz, an early contender for the Read Cup.  Judges awarded Tony Johns a maximum for his 'Tom Daly' like performance, welcome to the early bath club Tone, look on the bright side, it was summer time and it was warm!

Next Round Sunday 16th June:  Draw 07.00 - Falcon Car Park

  1. Simon Allen               14lb 8oz       Peg 33
  2. Adrian Hill                 12lb 2oz       Peg 19
  3. Peter Giles                 10lb 2oz      Peg 16
  4. Nathan Underwood  8lb 13oz      Peg  15 1st Section
  5. Ian Gray                     8lb 7oz        Peg 17
  6. Simon Hockaday       7lb 2ozs       Peg 34 1st Section
  7. Len Codlin                  6lb 3oz        Peg 32
  8. Paul Braund               5lb 3oz        Peg 28
  9. Tony Johns                 3lb 10oz     Peg 27
  10. Kevin Hill                    3lb 5oz        Peg 26
  11. Dick Turner                3lb 4oz        Peg 14
  12. Terry Carvel               3lb 2oz        Peg 31
  13. Duncan Edwards         1lb 8oz       Peg 30
  14. Derek Foster               1lb               Peg 18
  15. Ady Larkins                      5oz        Peg 29