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Pairs League R2 2013

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Team consistency is what it takes to win and fine individual section wins by Duncan Edwards and Ian Gray was not enough to get their respective teams into a top two finish.  Alternating between the tip and the pole Duncan netted a succession of small carp and skimmers from unfancied peg 12 to have the overall top weight of more than 16lbs, Ian used traditional long pole to bag three skimmers and a few silvers for a weight just shy of 15lbs from peg 30.  However, it was that all important team consistency from Simon Allen and sub Paul Willshire that gave Me and My Boy the victory and the early lead in the championship.  The Tiscott Boys finally got thier act together and a 2nd place section from Tony Johns and a joint 5th from Paul Braund saw them sneak into second place by half a point from New Team Faint Heart who took the final podium spot.  

 Result (peg no's in brackets)

  1. Me and My Boy                S Allen (20) 4lb 14oz : P Willshire (27) 6lb 2oz                         14
  2. Tiscott Boys                      T Johns (13) 8lb 4oz: P Braund (34) 2lb 3oz                          12.5
  3. New Team Faint Heart   D Edwards (12) 16lb 4oz : D Turner (35) 1lb 3oz                      12
  4. French Connection           D Ginini (17)   4.5oz :  I Gray (30) 14lb 15oz                             11
  5. Halwill Hustlers                 N Underwood (19 ) 3lb 6oz: D Underwood (28)  6lb 1oz         11
  6. Bude Bay Pirates              P Giles (16 ) 4lb 10oz : A Hill (31) 2lb 3oz                                   9.5
  7. Lager Louts                       A Larkins (15 ) 4lb 15oz:  K Hill (32) 1lb 1oz                               8
  8. Old Boys                             D Foster (18 ) 12oz : G Pessell (29) 5lb 8oz                                8
  9. Brendon All Stars              M Sampson (14 ) 14oz : T Hillias (33) 1lb 9oz                            6

Pairs League After 2 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                         14
  2. New Team Faint Heart            13
  3. Tiscott Boys                               11.5
  4. Lager Louts                                10
  5. Halwill Hustlers                         6.5
  6. Bude Bay Pirates                       6
  7. Old Boys                                      5.5
  8. French Connection                     5.5
  9. Brendon All Stars                        1

Next Round Tuesday 25th June