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Monica Jones Cup

Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer League Round 1:

The opening contest of the season was a mirror image of last year with the Lower Basin failing to produce the expected slabs, the only difference this time was the winning peg (no.33 last year).  Dave 'End Peg' Allen was on no.34 and took a succession of slabs and skimmers on pole fished maggot to amass an 18lbs+ winning weight.  Dave had the good fortune to be on a fully loaded 'Silver Peg' and so took home an additional £100 cash bonus (incidentally, Dave's son Simon won the corresponding match last year).  Matt Samson also stuck to the long pole on peg 43 at the Bird Hide and whilst dodging the tourists on the towpath and one of his pedelos churning up his swim, still netted 11lbs 10ozs (including a 4lb 10z carp) to secure second spot.  Duncan Edwards completed the podium places fishing off end peg 27 and just piping Pete Horton by 2ozs with 11lbs 2ozs.  Dick Turner took the honours in the Lower Basin, sticking to the 10 metre pole he amassed  8lbs 7ozs.

Not the flying start we wanted but an average of 7lbs 12ozs per angler is not bad, especially when the big lumps did not really show.  They will undoubtedly turn up a week on Tuesday for the first of the pairs evening contests.

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Matches Fished:
1 Dave Allen 18lbs 6ozs 34 1
2 Matt Sampson 11lbs 10ozs 43 1
3 Duncan Edwards 11lbs 2ozs 27 1
4 Peter Horton 11lbs 0ozs 27 1
5 Peter Giles 10lbs 14ozs 42 1
6 Paul Braund 10lbs 8ozs 44 1
7 Simon Allen 9lbs 9ozs 30 1
8 Tony Hilias 9lbs 1oz 29 1
9 Mike Bowden 8lbs 13oz 45 1
10 Dick Turner 8lbs 7oz 15 1
11 Nathan Underwood 7lbs 12oz 19 1
12 Adrian Hill 7lbs 7oz 14 1
=13 Jean Bowden 5lbs 13oz 33 1
=13 Ian Gray 5lbs 13oz 28 1
=13 Ady Larkins 5lbs 13oz 45 1
16 Len Codlin 4lbs 6oz 16 1
17 Tony Johns 3lbs 15oz 20 1
18 Kevin Hill 2lbs 12oz 17 1
19 Wayne Burnard 2lbs 11oz 18 1
20 Simon Hockaday 2lbs 3oz 32 1
21 Len Hancock 1lb 6oz 13 1