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Pairs Formulas for 30 Anglers

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pairs Formulas for 30 Anglers

We have endeavoured to make the Team contest of 30 anglers as fair and equal for all anglers and Teams as possible.  That is why we have opted for 6 Teams of 5, fishing 6 sections of 5, with each Team not contesting one section.  As all of the points are calculated based on the sections alone this makes the contest totally equal for all teams.

The alternative a number of you have suggested is to have 6 Teams of 5 fishing 5 sections of 6.   This does not give equality across the sections as we now have more Teams than sections. For this formula to work each Team would need to have two members fishing in one of the 5 sections.  Even if the draw were manipulated to make this work out, this is still unequal as a Team would have a strength greater than others (i.e. two anglers) in a particular section, as sections fish very differently and having two members allows for tactical angling this is not as equal as the first formula.

Both formulas are solutions to the problem of 30 anglers, but the one we are using gives the greatest fairness and equality to the anglers and the Teams.