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Pairs League Final 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Halwill Hustlers clinched the title in emphatic style by winning the last Pairs league match of the season.  The fishing was harder than in previous weeks which gave a much closer contest.  Nathan Underwood topped the Lower Wharf section with 8lbs of silvers boosted by a bonus 2lb carp, Daniel Underwood finished runner up in the second basin.  This was enough to see off New Team Faint Heart; Duncan Edwards won the the Upper Wharf but partner Dick Turner was 4ozs short to get the extra point they needed for victory.  Nonetheless DT will have been pleased as he was looking at ounces until the pole fished worm produced in the last 30 minutes with a bream and a carp and it was enough to see them go above Me and My Boy in the final standings. The Bude Bay Pirates finished third which also consolidated their overall third in the League.


  1. Halwill Hustlers                N Underwood 8lb 7oz:  D Underwood 5lb 5oz      16pts
  2. New Team Faint Heart     D Turner 7lb 3oz : D Edwards  5lb 10ozs               15pts
  3. Bude Bay Pirates              A Hill 7lb 6ozs : PWillshire   4lb 11oz                        13pts
  4. Bowden United                Jean Bowden 5lb 6oz  :  M Bowden 3lb 2oz              8pts
  5. Me and My Boy                S Allen 5lb 13oz : D Allen 2lb 5oz                                7pts
  6. The Codfathers                 Peter Giles4lb 8oz : L Codlin 2lb 7oz                          6pts
  7. Tiscott Boys                      P Braund       15ozs :  T Johns 3lb 8ozs:                      6pts
  8. The Lager Louts               K Hill  2lb 14oz : A Larkins 1lb 7oz                              3pts

Final Pairs League

  1. Halwill Hustlers                        47.5
  2. Bude Bay Pirates                       38
  3. Me and My Boy                         37
  4. New Team Faint Heart            35
  5. Lager Louts                                24.5
  6. Tiscott Boys                                24.5
  7. The Codfathers                           21.5
  8. Old Boys                                      11.5
  9. Bowden  United                         10.5
  10. Team Emmett                              5
  11. Team Rossco                                3
  12. French Connection                      3