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Winter League R1 2012

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunday 11th November - Winter League Round 1

The 'breamaster' Nathan Underwood struck again as he nailed a big slab with his first cast of the day and then managed to stay comfortably clear of the chasing pack until the final whistle.  However, it was not the trusty pole and paste that did the trick, but a humble maggot on the wagler pitched three quarters of the way across the second basin.  Duncs Edwards finished a creditable second from the Lower Wharf, where a 3lb carp on the tip helped Mike Bowden secure the last podium spot.  Section wins went to Dick Turner and Peter 'Tacker' Giles, both banking 6lb + bags. It was interesting start to the day for Dave Allen who was left with 'no wheels on his wagon' after a technical malfunction!

Next Round Sunday 25th November:  Draw 10.00 - Falcon Car Park

  1. Nathan Underwood    13lb 12ozs     Peg 32
  2. Duncan Edwards        8lb 13ozs        Peg 18
  3. Mike Bowden              7lb 1ozs          Peg 16  
  4. Dick Turner                6lb 10ozs        Peg  15 1st Section
  5. Peter Giles                  6lb  3oz           Peg 29 1st Section
  6. Simon Allen                5lb 8ozs          Peg 31 2nd Section
  7. Jean Bowden              4lb 5oz            Peg 17 2nd Section
  8. Paul Braund                3lb 3oz           Peg 26
  9. Len Codlin                   2lb 14oz         Peg 14
  10. Tony Johns                 2lb 13oz         Peg 13
  11. Dave Allen                   2lb 3oz           Peg 30
  12. Adrian Hill                   2lb 3oz           Peg 19 
  13. Simon Hockaday         1lb 4ozs         Peg 31
  14. Dougie Genini              1lb                 Peg 34
  15. Kevin Hill                      12ozs             Peg 33
  16. Ian Gray                        7ozs              Peg 27