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Pairs League Final Round 2011

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday 23rd October

Now is the time to bag up on 'slab' bream and they were concentrated between pegs 30 and 32 for the final pairs match of the season.  Three anglers netted 137lbs between them with two getting 50lb plus bags, all using maggot and alternating between the pole and the waggler.  Nathan Underwood took the top weight of 53lbs on the day but in pairs fishing you need your partner to back you up and with Dan netting just over 1lb the Halwill Hustlers had to settle for a three way tie for second place and runners up in the league.  The real story was that of another 'Allen' show as they were the most consistent with Dave's 33lbs and Simons's 13lbs ensuring overall victory and the Pairs League title for 2011. Paul Willshire also banked a 50lb plus bag but Sailor Hill could only muster 3lbs and so the Pirates ended up in the three way tie for second and third place in the league.

With the Pairs fishing over for another season the talk now turns to who will be fishing with who in 2011.  If you have never tried your hand at pairs fishing you should get a mate and come on down and give it a go, you can't do any worse than Tone and myself this season (or could you?).


1st Me and My Boy                    D Allen (peg 30) 33lb 15ozs: S Allen (peg 16) 13lb 5ozs

2nd= Bude Bay Pirates               P Willshire (peg 31) 50lbs 7ozs: A Hill (peg 17) 3lb 1ozs

2nd= New Team Faint Heart   P Cummins (peg 15)  9lbs 10ozs: D Turner (peg 29) 10lb5oz

2nd=Halwill Hustlers            N Underwood(peg32) 52lb10ozs: D Underwood(peg18) 1lb 5ozs

5th Janners on Tour            P Braund (peg14) 3lb 12ozs :Tony Johns (peg 28) 11lb 7ozs

6th Dennis and Simon         S Hockaday (Peg 19)  5lb 11ozs: DennisChapman (peg 33) 9lb

7th Good, Bad and Ugly      Guy Pessell (Peg 34)  15ozs: Duncan Edwards (Peg 20) 1lb4 ozs

Pairs League After 5 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                      37
  2. Halwill Hustlers                      32.5
  3. Bude Bay Pirates                    31.5
  4. New Team Faint Heart          29.5
  5. Lager Louts                             21.5
  6. Good Bad and Ugly                22
  7. Dennis & Simon H                  17
  8. Janners on Tour                     17
  9. The Morwennas                      5