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Summer League: Final Round

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday 9th October

Nathan Underwood wrapped up the Summer League in style by winning the final round, but only just!  Nathan bagged 16lb 3ozs of skimmers and a slab from peg 16 which only just pipped Duncan Edwards on Golden Peg 31 who banked 15lbs 14ozs, just 5ozs off the win.  Duncs lost four slabs, any one of which would have given him victory and the £100 bonus.  With plenty of slabs showing in the second bason the Allens, Dave and Simon, tied for third with 14lbs 2ozs apiece.  This was enough for Si to move above Dick Turner in the final league placings, DT winning the section in the Lower Basin with 6lb 4ozs, a bag that included a 13oz brownie.

Its now time to get the bread punch out, don your thermal underwear and fill your giant Thermos flask, that is if you are brave enough to make a challenge for the Winter League.  Winter League Starts,  Sunday 6th November, its got to better than last year chaps!!!

  1. Nathan Underwood      16lb 3ozs       Peg 16
  2. Duncan Edwards            15lbs 14ozs  Peg 31
  3. =Simon Allen                    14lb 2oz     Peg 34
  4. =Dave Allen                      14lb 2ozs   Peg 30
  5. Dick Turner                      6lb 4oz       Peg 19
  6. Simon Hockerday             6lb 2ozs     Peg 15
  7. Ady Larkins                      6lbs            Peg 18
  8. =Pete Cummins                  4lbs 8ozs   Peg 17
  9. =Adrian Hill                        4lbs  8ozs   Peg 32
  10. Tony Johns                       4lb 5ozs    Peg 14
  11. Kevin Hill                          4lb 2ozs   Peg 33

Summer League Points

  1. Nathan Underwood      106
  2. Simon Allen                    85.5
  3. Dick Turner                   83.5
  4. Adrian Hill                      65.5
  5. Dave Allen                      52.5
  6. Duncan Edwards           48
  7. Pete Cummins               47.5
  8. Paul Willshire                44
  9. Paul Braund                   41
  10. Ady Larkins                   35
  11. Tony Johns                    30
  12. Nick Blight                     26.5
  13. Simon Hockaday          25
  14. Mike Bowden                19
  15. Ian Gray                         18
  16. Mark Richards              18
  17. Len Codlin                      14
  18. Dougie Ginini                  10
  19. Kevin Hill                        7
  20. Jean Bowden                  5
  21. Wayne Barnard             5