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Pairs League R1 2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday 5th June 2012

The reigning champions got off to a winning start with Me and my Boy piping the Bude Bay Pirates by a point.  On the evening there was a spread of bream and small carp caught in both sections, Nathan Underwood took the largest bag netting three slabs in a 15 minute spell for a 19lb bag.

  1. Me and My Boy             Simon Allen 13lb 5ozs :  D Allen                                         15
  2. Bude Bay Pirates           A Hill 12lb 6ozs: P Willshire                                                14
  3. New Team Faint Heart D Edwards 7lb 14ozs: D Turner                                         14 
  4. Halwill Hustlers             D Underwood 1lb: N Underwood  19lb                              12
  5. The Old Boys                  G Pessell 2lb 4ozs: D Foster 8lb                                         11
  6. Lager Louts                    K Hill  6lb 2ozs: A Larkins 3lb 2ozs                                    9.5
  7. Tiscott Boys                    T Johns 3lb : P Braund 3lb 2ozs                                          8.5
  8. The Codfathers              M Sampson 2lb 14ozs: L Codlin                                           6
  9. Team Rossco                  Ross  4ozs : C Abbott 1lb 20zs                                             2