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Pairs League R2 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It was a struggle to find the fish in the Lower Basin as many anglers weighed in only ounces and we had our first blank of the season (sorry Ross, had to mention it!).   The Lager Louts hit form with a section win from Ady Larkins and partner Kevin Hill finishing third in his, the team being only 2 points off the maximum score.  It was a welcome return for Tiscott 'old boy' Peter 'Tacker' Giles who won the Upper Basin section and combined with a good result from Tony Johns they shared second spot with the consistent Halwill Hustlers.   Johnsy must be considering dropping Braunders for the next round!  Me and My Boy keep thier league leading status with another consistent result.  Newcomers Team Rossco can only improve. 


  1. Lager Louts                   A Larkin 4lb 4ozs : K Hill                                                     16
  2. Tiscott Boys                   T Johns 1lb 6ozs : P Giles 13lbs                                          15
  3. Halwill Hustlers             N Underwood 3lb 3ozs:D Underwood                               15
  4. Me and My Boy             S Allen  2lb 7ozs:  D Allen                                                    14
  5. Bude Bay Pirates          P Willshire 2lb 8ozs: A Hill                                                     9
  6. The Codfathers              L Codlin  8ozs :  M Sampson                                                 7.5
  7. New Team Faint Heart D Edwards 6ozs: D Turner                                                   7
  8. Old Boys                          D Foster  8ozs : G Pessell 2lb                                              6.5
  9. Team Rossco                   Ross (blank) : C Abbott                                                        1

Pairs League After 2 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                         15
  2. Halwill Hustlers                         13.5
  3. Bude Bay Pirates                       13
  4. Lager Louts                                13
  5. Tiscott Boys                               10.5
  6. New Team Faint Heart            10
  7. Old Boys                                        7
  8. The Codfathers                            6
  9. Team Rossco                                3

Next Round Tuesday 26th June