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Pairs League R2 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

For the second pairs match running it was a struggle in the Whalesborough Lake section with most of the larger weights being attributable to carp.  The Middle Pound section improved on the last match with some good bags of silvers being produced.  Len Codlin had top weight in the Middle Pound with a 9lb bag, all taken on the ten metre pole fishing maggot to the far back.  However, partner Simon Hockaday could not back it up with  a weight from the lake and the Cod Fathers finished fourth.  In what was a very close contest it was a tie for first place between the Halwill Hustlers and the Bude Bay Pirates as both teams produced the best combination of catches, Peter Giles of the Pirates having the best net from the lake of  11lbs.  Reigning champions Me and My Boy kept themselves at the pointy end of the league with third spot.

Result (Whalesborough Weights First)

1. New Halwill Hustlers      I Gray            5lb 3oz          N Underwood   8lb 14oz 15pts

2. Bude Bay Pirates             P Giles          11lb 3oz          A Hill                  4lb 2oz 15pts

3. Me and My Boy                S Allen           6lb 1oz          D Allen               4lb 5oz 13pts

4. The Codfathers                S Hockaday   1lb 10oz        L Codlin             9lb 5oz 12pts

5. New Team Faint Heart  D Turner        2lb 8oz         P Drissel             4lbs 12oz 11pts

6. Brendon All Stars           T Helias          6lb 9oz         M Sampson        2lb 13oz 11pts

7. Lager Louts                      A Larkins        3lb 15oz       K Hill                   3lb 9oz   9pts

8. Tiscott Boys                     DNF                                       P Braund             5lbs         8pts

9. The Old Boys                   D Foster           2lb 1oz        G Pessell              1lb 5oz    4pts

10. TBA                                 N King              1lb 15oz       L Hancock           1lb 10oz  4pts

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 The Bude Bay Pirates (2) 16.5
2 The Cod Fathers (2) 15
3 Me And My Boy (2) 14
4 New Halwill Hustlers (2) 13.5
5 New Team Faint Heart (2) 10.5
6 The Brendon All Stars (2) 7.5
7 Tiscott Boys (2) 6
8 Lager Louts (1) 4
9 Old Guys (2) 3
10 TBA (1) 1