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Pairs League R3 2013

Thursday, 27 June 2013

In what were excellent conditions it was the Second Basin that produced the best results with bags of silvers in what was a tight (slabless) encounter on Tuesday evening. Dick Turner had the heaviest bag of the contest, just shy of 7lbs of silvers including a 1lb 9oz perch, but partner Duncan Edwards struggled in the Lower Basin keeping New Team Faint Heart off the podium.  Two section runner up spots for Paul Braund and Tony Johns was enough for the Tiscott Boys to secure victory, both using the short whip on the inside line to good effect.  Adrian Hill got the roach going on the hemp and tares to win the Lower Basin Section and a bag of silvers from Tacker Giles was enough to see the Bude Bay Pirates into the runners up spot.  With Dave Allen returning to team 'Me and My Boy' he put in a good shift to see them stay top of the league and continue thier run of a podium in every pairs match to date.

 Result (peg no's in brackets)

  1. Tiscott Boys                      T Johns (15) 4lb 13oz: P Braund (30) 6lb 3oz                       14
  2. Bude Bay Pirates             A Hill (13) 5lb 2oz:  P Giles (32 ) 5lb 7oz :                              12
  3. Me and My Boy                S Allen (19) 2lb 15oz : D Allen (26) 5lb 11oz                          11
  4. New Team Faint Heart   D Edwards (17) 6oz : D Turner (28) 6lb 14oz                        10
  5. Halwill Hustlers                 N Underwood (16 ) 4lb 6oz: D Underwood (29)  4lb 9oz      9
  6. Brendon All Stars              M Sampson (12 ) 1lb 7oz : T Hillias (33) 5lb 8oz                   9
  7. Lager Louts                       K Hill (14) 8oz :  A Larkins (31 ) 4lb 4oz:                                4
  8. Old Boys                             G Pessell (18)  9oz:  D Foster (27) 2lb 7oz :                           4

Pairs League After 2 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                         20
  2. Tiscott Boys                               19.5
  3. New Team Faint Heart            18
  4. Lager Louts                                11.5
  5. Halwill Hustlers                         10
  6. Bude Bay Pirates                       13
  7. Old Boys                                      7
  8. French Connection                     5.5
  9. Brendon All Stars                       4.5

Next Round Sunday 21st July, Stu Bel Trophy,  Draw 7am