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Pairs League R4 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Stu Bell Trophy

The Pairs League reached the half way stage on a day you could fry an egg on the towpath and so unsurprisingly the fishing was not as fast and furious as in recent contests.  With two hours to go Paul Braund's carp swim on peg 35 came to life and four carp and a bream later he had added 20lbs to his net for top weight on the day.  Partner Tony Johns struggled from peg 20 but did enough to see the Tiscott Boys finish third and hold second place in the championship.  It was a good day for the Allens with Dave and Si taking second best bags respectively in thier sections and winning the coverted Stu Bell trophy whilst retaining the championship lead for Me and My Boy.  The Bude Bay Pirates finally got thier game together and a best bottom basin weight from Tacker Giles was backed up by a solid net of silvers from partner Adrian Hill to see them home in second spot.  A quick mention in dispatches for the Old Boys Derek Foster and Guy Pessell who took creditable 5lb + bags of silvers from two unfancied pegs for equal fourth.

 Result (peg no's in brackets)

  1. Me and My Boy                 D Allen (12) 7lb 8oz: S Allen (27) 10lb 5oz :                           18
  2. Bude Bay Pirates               P Giles (14 ) 8lb 13oz : A Hill (29) 5lb 9oz                              16
  3. Tiscott Boys                       T Johns (20) 3lb 4 oz: P Braund (35) 24lb 7oz                      14
  4. Lager Louts                       A Larkins (31 ) 4lb 4oz:  K Hill (33)  7lb                                  12
  5. Old Boys                             D Foster (11) 5lb 5oz :  G Pessell (26)  5lb11oz:                    12
  6. Team Emmett                   N West (16) 6lb 12oz  :N West (31)  4lb 12oz                        11
  7. New Team Faint Heart    D Edwards (19) 7oz : D Turner (34) 9lb 15oz                        9
  8. Halwill Hustlers                 N Underwood (17 ) 7lb 4oz: D Underwood (32)  3lb 5oz      9
  9. Brendon All Stars              M Sampson (13 ) 3lb 5oz : T Hillias (28) 4lb 6oz                   7
  10. Codfathers                         S Hockaday (15) 2lb 13oz : L Codlin (30 )  3lb 14oz               4

Pairs League After 4 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                         30
  2. Tiscott Boys                               27.5
  3. New Team Faint Heart            22
  4. Bude Bay Pirates                       22
  5. Lager Louts                               18.5
  6. Halwill Hustlers                        13
  7. Old Boys                                     13
  8. Brendon All Stars                      6.5
  9. French Connection                    5.5
  10. Team Emmett                           5
  11. Codfathers                                  1

Next Round Sunday 8th September, 9.00am Draw.