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Pairs League R4

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Pairs League R4

Tuesday 14th June

Consistency is what you need and the Lynstone Lads pulled away at the top of the league with two middling but consitant results in thier respective sections from Jack Crystal and Steve Whitehouse.  A win for Dave Allen from hot peg 35 was not backed up by partner Simon Allen who could only beat the out of sorts Adrian Hill in the Lower Basin section, but Dave's bonus point for the section win was enough to squeak Me and My Boy into second and keep their title chace alive.

It was tie for third between AA  Angling and Carp or Bust.  For the latter Pep finally put a fish on the bank but sadly partner Ryan Willshire was just over 1lb off the pace and could not improve thier position.  Andy Southey continued his run of excellent form winning the Lower Basin but Ade Hicks was just 3ozs off the pace to improve AA's fortunes.

The podium drought continues for the Tiscott Boys who are now concentrating on the Brendon Arms knockout and Stu Bell Trophy.



  Lower Basin Weight Peg   Second Basin Weight Peg
1st Lynstone Lads            
  Jack Crystal 7lbs 13oz 17   Steve Whitehouse 4lbs 14oz 29
2nd Me and My Boy            
  Simon Allen 3lb 3oz 19   Dave Allen 8lbs 10ozs 35
3rd AA Angling            
  Andy Southey 12lb 2ozs 20   Ade Hicks 1lb 11oz 28
3rd Carp or Bust            
  Matt Pepperel 9lb 9ozs 14   Ryan Willshire 3lb 4ozs 32
5th Brendon All Stars            
  Matt Sampson 4lb 5oz     Tony Hillas 4lb 12oz 30
5th TBA            
  Steve Maynard 10lb 1oz 12   Pete Horton 1lb 14oz 34
7th Bude Bay Pirates            
  Adrian Hill 2lb 2oz 18   Mark Gratton 5lb 27
8th The Lager Louts            
  Kevin Hill 5lb 10zs 15   Ady Larkins 3lb 2ozs 31
8th Tiscott Boys            
  Tony Johns 1lb 3ozs 5   Paul Braund 4lb 6ozs 33

Pairs League:

Pairs League 2022  
Team Pts
Lynstone Lads 26
Me and My Boy 23.5
Brendon All Stars 19
AA Angling 15.5
The Lager Louts 15
Bude Bay Pirates 14
Carp or Bust 8.5
Tiscott Boys 6
TBA   4.5