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Pairs League R5 2021

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Pairs League - Round 5

Tuesday 29 June

Was the cheering from the Brendon Arms for England as they put Germany away in the Euros, or perhaps Simon Allen as he smashed it again to win the Lower Basin by a 4lb margin?  Who knows, but with 'Dad' Dave banking a creditable net of silvers for third in the Second Basin they thought it was all over, and it was with a clear victory for Me and My Boy.   The Brendon All Stars could have crashed out like the Germans as Tony Hillas failed to fire from peg 15, finishing fourth.  Luckily for Tony partner Matt Sampson put in a Sterling performance to win the Second Basin with a double figure bag of skimmers.

Team Angler 1(Lower) Weight 1 Peg Angler 2 (Second) Weight 2 Peg
1 Me and My Boy S Allen 8lb 4oz 14 D Allen 6lb 12oz 33
2 Brendon All Stars T Hillas 2lbs 14oz 15 M Sampson 10lbs 4oz 29
3 Tiscott Boys P Braund 3lbs 12oz 16 T Johns 6lb 6oz 30
4 Lynstone Lads J Crystal 4lb 6oz 18 S Whitehouse 4lb 8oz 28
6 Lager Louts K Hill 1lb 10oz 17 A Larkins 7lb 14oz 31
7 Bude Bay Pirates A Hill 2lb 12oz 19 A Gratton 6lb 4oz 32

Pairs League (No. of Matches in Brackets)

Pos. Team Points
1 Me and My Boy (5) 27.5
2 Brendon All Stars (5) 25.5
4 Lynstone Lads (5) 17.5
3 Bude Bay Pirates (5) 17
6 Tiscott Boys (5) 15
5 Lager Louts (5) 12.5
7 Carp or Bust (2) 2