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Pairs League R6 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

Pairs League Final Round (6)

This had to be the closest to fishing in a hurricane as you can get.  The gale force winds saw Duncan Edwards start on the tip and the method paid dividends with two carp (best 13lbs) and some skimmer bream to win the Second Basin Section with 24lbs.  Meanwhile Dick Turner was involved in a closer contest in the Lower Basin where a combination of tip and very short pole saw DT win the section by 3 ozs with a 5lb 9oz bag of silvers and New Team Faint Heart romp to an easy victory.  The league leaders Me and My Boy finished second to win the League with good bags of silvers from Si and Dave respectively.  There was a fright for the Tiscott Boys who had not finished off the podium all season, but they nearly blew it in the last match, finishing second from last but thankfuly for them half a point ahead of the Bude Bay Pirates to finish as League Runners Up.  

 Result (peg no's in brackets)

  1. New Team Faint Heart    D Turner (19) 5lb 9oz : D Edwards (32) 24lb 2oz :               18
  2. Me and My Boy                 S Allen (13) 5lb 6oz: D Allen (26) 10lb 2oz                             13
  3. Halwill Hustlers                 D Underwood (16) 2lb 13oz :  N Underwood (29) 12lb 3oz 11
  4. Bude Bay Pirates               P Giles (18) 4lb 11oz:  A Hill (31) 8lb 4oz                                 9
  5. Lager Louts                       K Hill (15) 5lb 5oz :  P Horton (27)  4lb 14oz                          =8
  6. Codfathers                         L Codlin (20)  2lb 2oz   : S Hockaday (33) 8lb 10oz                =8
  7. Tiscott Boys                       T Johns (17) 1lb 6oz: P Braund (30) 7lb 10oz                         5
  8. Norma and Len                 Len H (15) 11oz : Norma King (28) 5 oz                                   2

Pairs League After 5 Rounds

  1. Me and My Boy                        44
  2. Tiscott Boys                              35.5
  3. Bude Bay Pirates                      35
  4. New Team Faint Heart           34.5
  5. Lager Louts                               24
  6. Halwill Hustlers                        19
  7. Old Boys                                    13
  8. Brendon All Stars                     11
  9. French Connection                    8.5
  10. Team Emmett                           5
  11. Codfathers                                 5.5
  12. Norma and Len                         1