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Pairs Result R2

Thursday, 16 June 2011

It was an evening for the longer established teams as some familliar names filled the leading positions on Tuesday evening.  New Team Faint Heart won on the evening with Dick Turner and Pete Cummins finishing second in thier respectave sections.  The larger bream began to feed in the Upper Wharf in the last half hour and a slab hooked in the tail saw Pete and DT comfortably home into first spot.  After a disater last week the defending champions returned to form, and they didn't need any slabs to help them out (the Chairman is always impressed by this).  Dave and Simon Allen returned 4lb and 2lb 7oz bags of silvers (proper nets of fish) respectively.  Simon was top weight in the Lower Wharf which saw Me and My Boy back in the chase for the title.  Also in the hectic Upper Wharf last half hour Nathan Underwood took two slabs and lost a third one to weigh in the heaviest bag of the evening overall but partner Dan was pegged on the tricky peg 12 and couldn't back this up, but it was enough for third.  A quick mention for the Bude Bay Pirates who finished fourth and look set to also mount a serious challenge for the title, early days though!  And a reminder to Dennis to sort out a Team name or we will invent one for him at the next match.  Next Round Tuesday 28th June:  Draw 17.50 - Falcon Car Park


  1. New Team Faint Heart D Turner 2lb 6ozs (8): P Cummins 7lb 4ozslb (8)          16
  2. Me and My Boy             D Allen 4lbs (5): S Allen 2lb 7ozs (9)                                  14
  3. Halwill Hustlers             N Underwood 14lb 8ozs (9):D Underwood 7ozs (3)        12
  4. Bude Bay Pirates          A Hill 5lb 12ozs (7): P Willshire 1lb 8ozs (4.5)                   11.5
  5. Dennis & Simon H         D Chapman 1lb 8ozs (4.5): S Hockerday 4lb 6ozs (6)      10.5
  6. Good, Bad and Ugly      G Pessell 1lb 8ozs (2): D Edwards 1lb 10ozs (6)                 8
  7. Lager Louts                    A Larkins 2lb 4ozs (7):R Bate 1lb (1)                                    8
  8. Janners on Tour            P Braund 3lb 4ozs (4): T Johns 5ozs (2)                              6
  9. The Morwennas            D Schubert 2ozs (1):D Goodman 1lb 13ozs (3)                    4

Pairs League After 2 Rounds

  1. New Team Faint Heart            15
  2. Halwill Hustlers                         14.5
  3. Dennis & Simon H                     12.5
  4. Lager Louts                               12
  5. Me and My Boy                        10
  6. Good Bad and Ugly                    9
  7. Bude Bay Pirates                       8
  8. Janners on Tour                        6
  9. The Morwennas                        4