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Summer League R2 2011

Sunday, 19 June 2011

New club member Nick Blight from Bideford marked his match debut by winning this Sundays contest with an impressive 19lb 4ozs from peg 34.  Nick's bag included four slab bream, all of which fell to double maggot on the pole.  Also using the pole at the other end of the section on peg 27, Adrian Hill amassed a double figure bag of silvers (10lb 6ozs).  Ensuring it was not an Upper Wharf shut out, Paul Willshire followed up last weeks Lower Wharf victory with a 9lb 2oz bag of silvers taken on the waggler from peg 18.  Dan Underwood landed a slab bream that boosted his weight to over 6lbs for victory in the Juniors, a weight that would have seen him finish 6th in the Seniors.

Next Round Sunday 26th June:  Draw 07.00 - Falcon Car Park

  1. Nick Blight                    19lb 4ozs        Peg 34
  2. Adrian Hill                    10lb 6ozs        Peg 27
  3. Paul Willshire                 9lb 2ozs        Peg 18
  4. Simon Allen                    7lb 2ozs         Peg 32 1st Section
  5. Tony Johns                     6lb 14ozs      Peg 31 2nd Section
  6. Dan Underwood             6lb 7ozs        Peg 28  Junior Win
  7. Pete Cummins                5lb 12ozs     Peg 19 1st Section
  8. Dick Turner                    3lb 12ozs     Peg 30
  9. Mark Richards                3lb 8.5ozs   Peg 16 2nd Section
  10. Mike Bowden                   3lb 5ozs      Peg 15
  11. Nathan Underwood         2lb 8ozs      Peg 29
  12. Jean Bowden                    2lb 6ozs      Peg 17
  13. Paul Braund                      1lb 11.5ozs Peg 20
  14. Len Codlin                         1lb              Peg 14

Summer League Points*

  1. Paul Willshire                27
  2. Adrian Hill                     25
  3. Dick Turner                   21
  4. Simon Allen                   20
  5. Tony Johns                   16
  6. Nathan Underwood      16
  7. Nick Blight                     15
  8. Paul Braund                  13
  9. Pete Cummins                8
  10. Duncan Edwards            8
  11. Mark Richards               6
  12. Mike Bowden                 5
  13. Jean Bowden                  3
  14. Len Codlin*                     1
  15. Dave Allen*

*Am missing a few results from the Monica Jones, points need to be added for these anglers.