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Summer League R1 2017

Monday, 22 May 2017

Summer League Round 1,  Monica Jones Cup, Sunday 21st May:

This was not the result the pre-match practice sessions were suggesting with decent bags of skimmers and a few carp showing during the week.  In the end it was a struggle for most anglers to find any fish with consistency, particularly for the second half of the match when even a bite was at a premium.

Nathan Underwood on end peg 13 was the only angler who made it to double figures, consistently banking skimmers for the 5 hour duration to win with 15lbs.  Peter 'Tacker' Giles also managed to keep the skimmers going off peg 30 in the Second Basin with a net just under 9lbs for the runner up spot.  Simon Allen tried just about every method in the book to put a 6lb 11oz bag of bits together to finish in third spot.  It was lucky for Paul Braund that a turnout of 24 anglers saw a fourth place up for grabs and the 3lbs 5ozs of skimmers bagged on the whip was enough to take the final place.

Peter Slade took the Lower Basin Section win with 2lbs 9ozs, Tony Hilias did lose a carp but had the consolation of winning the Bird Hide section with 3lbs and Dave Allen had time to get a pasty from the shop and still win the Second Basin section with 2lbs 3ozs (to be fair to Dave, it really was that slow in the last two hours!).

It can only get better.

Pos: Angler Lbs ozs Peg No. Pts
1 Nathan Underwood 15lbs 1oz 13 24
2 Peter Giles 8lbs 15oz 30 23
3 Simon Allen 6lbs 11oz 17 22
4 Paul Braund 3lbs 5oz 27 21
5 Tony Hilias 3lbs 47 20
=6 Kevin Hill 2lbs 9oz 46 18.5
=6 Peter Slade 2lbs 9oz 19 18.5
8 Dave Allen 2lbs 3oz 32 17
9 Mark Gratton 2lbs 31 16
10 Len Hancock 1lbs 13oz 33 15
=11 Douggie Ginini 1lbs 11oz 29 13.5
=11 Steve Whitehouse 1lbs 11oz 26 13.5
=13 Dick Turner 1lbs 10oz 35 11.5
=13 Paul Drissel 1lbs 10oz 14 11.5
15 Matt  Sampson 1lbs 9oz 28 10
16 Ian Croxton 1lbs 5oz 34 9
17 Derek Foster 12oz 42 8
=18 Adrian Hill 11oz 20 6.5
=18 Jean Bowden 11oz 44 6.5
20 Jim Escott 9oz 16 5
21 Ady Larkins 6oz 18 4
=22 Mike Bowden 5oz 44 2.5
=22 Simon Hockaday 5oz 43 2.5
24 Ian Gray 4oz 45 1