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Summer League R3 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011

It looked as if the 'bad luck', traditionally associated with drawing the golden peg had struck again when Dick Turner dropped his landing into the canal, luckily for Dick, Stuart Pinn of Waterfront Shooting and Fishing was passing by and able to quickly supply a new one (now thats service!).  Dick never looked back after this initial set back and netted a succession of small carp on pole fished maggot from peg 31 to weigh in 11lbs 4ozs, enough to win, pocket the £100 bonus and go two points clear at the top of the league.  Nathan Underwood also put the roach pole to good effect netting over 8lbs of silvers for second place from peg 15 and move into third place in the league.  Pete Cummins confirmed that the roach pole was the tactic of the day bringing 6lbs 8ozs of silvers to the bank from peg 28 and securing third spot.

Next Round Sunday 3rd July:  Martin Group Services Match: Draw 07.00 - Falcon Car Park

  1. Dick Turner                    11lb 4ozs       Peg 31
  2. Nathan Underwood         8lb 6ozs       Peg 15
  3. Pete Cummins                  6lb 8ozs       Peg 28
  4. Ady Larkins                      6lb 3ozs       Peg 30 1st Section
  5. Simon Hockerday             3lb 14ozs     Peg 14 1st Section
  6. Mark Richards                  3lb 8ozs       Peg 32  2nd Section
  7. Paul Willshire                    3lb 2ozs       Peg 17 2nd Section
  8. Duncan Edwards              3lbs              Peg 29
  9. Dougie Ginini                    2lb 12ozs    Peg 34
  10. Len Codlin                          2lb 3ozs      Peg 33
  11. Simon Allen                       1lb 7ozs       Peg 20
  12. Paul Braund                      1lb 1oz         Peg 18
  13. Dave Allen                           10ozs         Peg 19
  14. Tony Johns                         4ozs           Peg 16

Summer League Points*

  1. Dick Turner                   37
  2. Paul Willshire                35
  3. Nathan Underwood      29
  4. Adrian Hill                     25
  5. Simon Allen                   24
  6. Pete Cummins               20
  7. Tony Johns                   17
  8. Paul Braund                  16
  9. Duncan Edwards           15
  10. Nick Blight                     15
  11. Mark Richards              14
  12. Ady Larkins*                 11
  13. Simon Hockerday          10
  14. Len Codlin*                     6
  15. Dougie Ginini*                6
  16. Mike Bowden                 5
  17. Jean Bowden                 3
  18. Dave Allen*                    2

*Will sort out the missing reults form the Monica Jones next week, points need to be added for these anglers.